Shanghai Photographer, China

Shanghai photographer, specialist in panorama landscape, architectural and interior photography.

Skimmer Male Being Naughty

lion mating on duba plains in okavango delta in botswana

Learning Patience

Challenges of landscape photography

How to photograph leopards

Quantum Physics and leopard photography, an approach to photography.

Single strawberry on a plate

An image of a vibrant red strawberry on a simple white plate. A pair of hands hold the plate and there is a simple green background. Anya Brewley Schultheiss Website http://absphoto.co License this image http://absphoto.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Simple-minimalist-and-abstract-images/G0000D5heitYHsf8/I0000m7NWFuxpyTo/C0000ZxT0Ww7vVq4 Contact absphoto.co@gmail.com

Red-winged Blackbird

The Male Red-winged Blackbird is very gregarious with a very loud, distinctive and liquid song. In the spring the male shows off his scarlet epaulets that at other times of the year are visible only as a yellow strip. Because they are so common, their dramatic beauty and interesting, entertaining behaviors are often overlooked. The […]

ApK Photography

Behind the Lens I specialize in fine art and documentary photography, providing unique high-quality imagery of evocative landscapes and natural subjects, as well as intimate and honest portraits. I strive to bring sometimes familiar subjects into new light, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the world we share. My documentary work and portraiture is a […]

A Passion for Light

Capturing new emotions The fascination of lights and how it changes moods or captures it has been one that has held out long in my attention radar for as long as I can remember. Understanding light is one thing – Modifying it is another thing but I reckon the greatest tool is knowing how best […]

Sport portfolio

A small representation of my work as a sports photographer. IsaacFerrera Website http://iffotografo.photoshelter.com License this image http://iffotografo.photoshelter.com/gallery/Sport/G0000umN63dLQTxg/ Contact fotografo@isaacferrera.es

James DeSalvo Photography, LLC

Sisters Dream Together In my lifetime I have been asked more than once, “How would you want to be remembered when you meet your maker?” With all considered, the obvious legacy would be that of a standup dad, friend, husband and American. But here and now, in this room of my creative colleagues, peers and […]

Brighton Dog Photography

My name is Rhian White and I specialise in outdoor dog photography. I am based on the south coast of England in a lovely city called Brighton. My target audience is private clients who want photos of their dogs and also organisations such as magazines and newspapers who want stock dog photography. My stock site […]


We were on a game drive when encountering a cute and “scary” situation with a baby elephant. The road we were on was in an area with thick bush on both sides. Suddenly we had the classic of “two cars in opposite directions on a one lane bridge”. Only that the other “car” was a […]

Digital Images by Ron Reznick

Sandhill Crane: Landing at Sunset (Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico) Digital Images by Ron Reznick consist of a wide variety of nature and wildlife images (birds, animals, and nature scenics), scenic and travel images (Japan, Italy, the Southwestern US, etc.), architecture and art. He has created a comprehensive display website with numerous galleries […]

Fine Art Prints and Photography by Paul Latimer

Nature I Love I have always had an attraction to nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. For me, photographying my surroundings enhances the experience. I find that I am much more atuned to the details and beauty of my surroundings when I am taking photographs. I would not think of going on any outdoor adventure […]

Kevin Vandivier

About Kevin If “ all the world’s a stage for an actor”, then all the world’s a studio for KEVIN VANDIVIER! Whether he’s chasing Hurricane Gilbert down in Mexico that generated a coveted LIFE cover and full two-page foldout in the magazine… or perched at the edge of a rumbling volcano on Mt. Kilahaua, Hawaii…whether […]

Franck Simonnet – Aerial Photography

Presentation Aerial photography offers a vantage point-of-view on landscape. I have a special interest in patterns generate by human activities, and their spatial organization in relation to nature. My flying machine is a powered paraglider. Packed in two suitcases, it’s easily transported around the world. Aerial photography in remote areas as well as crowded cities […]

John Running :: Photographer

John Running is a different breed of photographer. John Running has lived in Flagstaff, Arizona for the past forty six years. He has been making photographs for advertising, design and editorial clients for over forty years. He specializes in photographing people either on location or in the studio. His photographs stand out because they have […]