An english girl

Who is this young English girl? Where is she going? We can only wonder about her past. At the same time, we can only speculate about her future. We assume the car to be hers, but who can say? Perhaps she and the dog are waiting for a ride. If so, who are they waiting […]

Freedom to the elephants

A nude woman stands surrounded by elephants. She is carrying a source of light that is proving to be absolutely essential in such dark circumstances. To look at this painting, one could easily say that she is the one who is leading them to freedom. What we wonder about instead is who this woman is, […]

Video footage from Sweden available for private and commercial licensing

Growing collection of footage from Sweden available for RF licensing. The subjects range from wildlife to landscapes, nature, culture, travel and traffic.

Statue of Father Junipero Serra at Mission San Antonio de Padua.

Buy this picture Statue of Father Junipero Serra stands at Mission San Antonio de Padua. Mission San Antonio de Padua sits within the “Valley of the Oaks” in Monterey County near the town of Jolon. The mission was founded on July 14, 1771 by Father Junipero Serra and was the third mission in Alta California. […]

Cape of Good Hope seen in a Long Exposure photo

The wonderful Cape of Good Hope, is quite a rocky peninsula pointing to the south into the Atlantic Ocean. The nearly end of the continent Africa!

Lake Placid Florida Clowns

clown paintings in Lake Placid Florida

Javier Tordesillas – Fotógrafo

Javier Tordesillas Professional photographer needs to show his work Contact Toledo 45001 Spain Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.javiertordesillas.com Email info@javiertordesillas.com Specialities Wedding Events Location

Tony Gale Photography

Tony Gale I became a member because I think it is always worth exploring new opportunisties. Contact New York 10001 United States     Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.tonygale.com http://amissive.com Email tony@tonygale.com Specialities Portraits Location Corporate

War Memorial in Okechobee Florida

the flags at the war memorial in Okeechobee Florida.

Iconic Norfolk

Damien van Carrapiett I like the work that Jan is doing, and am pleased to be joining such a group of photographers. Contact Norfolk NR7 United Kingdom Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.iconicnorfolk.co.uk http://iconicnorfolk.photoshelter.com/gallery/Whats-New/G0000Z_eAP2Y.A0A/ Email damienvc@yahoo.co.uk Specialities Landscape Travel Location

The Taiwan Photographer

Rich Matheson I like the concept of Photographers’ Selection, want to increase my SEO and would like to find a community of like-minded professionals that I can interact with. Sometimes I feel isolated here in South Taiwan! Contact Box 1452 Tainan 704 Taiwan Website – Blog – Galleries http://thetaiwanphotographer.com/ http://thetaiwanphotographer.com/projects/taiwan-performance/ Email liefintaiwan@gmail.com Specialities Editorial Location […]

Will Burwell Photography

Will Burwell I want to belong to a group which understands that owning a camera does not make you a professional photographer and believes that you should always provide excellent images with superior customer service to their clients. Just good enough is unacceptable. Contact Toronto M4E 3R9 Canada Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.willburwell.photoshelter.com http://www.willburwell.photoshelter.com/gallery/Stock-Images […]

St. Marks Lighthouse

The St. Marks Lighthouse is located south of Tallahassee, Florida in the St. Marks Wildlife Preserve. The lighthouse is a scenic spot and the preserve is wonderful bird watching area. Trudie Bell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this picture http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/St-Marks-Wildlife-Preserve-Florida/G0000DEr4Sht2WAU/I0000hGrmbgGUl3o Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net

Green Light

The closed canopy of hardwood trees along Smith Creek creates a soft green light on a sunny day. The trail to Anna Ruby Falls is a beautiful hike – good for the body and the soul. TrudieBell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Anna-Ruby-Falls-Georgia/G0000GowKsmFuonA/I0000GgmVk8c2N6s Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net

Cleaning Up

Two county trucks drive opposite directions down Chaires Cross Road, which was flooded by Tropical Storm Faye. The road was closed to public traffic, but the larger county trucks were tall enough to drive through the water and not stall out. Trudie Bell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Faye-Aftermath-Tallahassee-Florida/G0000KKHL6OKonRg/I0000tWNdsOX4cBk Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net


Beach chairs, umbrellas, water and a sugar sand beach just waiting for the fun to begin. Grayton Beach in the Florida panhandle is a great place to relax and enjoy the beach. TrudieBell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Grayton-Beach-Florida/G0000YQlri6.TLKc/I0000UZAPJD1rlGA/C0000iXkfIDC5vZs Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net

Smith Creek below Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, Georgia, is a beautiful place. Smith Creek tumbles down from the falls with a nice walking trail along it. The views are lovely and provide great opportunities to work on photographing flowing water. TrudieBell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Anna-Ruby-Falls-Georgia/G0000GowKsmFuonA/I0000j08LsPxjiro Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net

Red Umbrella

The boardwalk over the dunes leads to Grayton Beach, which is one of the beautiful white sand beaches in the panhandle of Florida. I snapped this photo on a whim as a friend and I were about to go for a walk on the beach. The image seems to catch all the pleasant anticipation of […]

Orlando LDS Temple Stained Glass Window

One of the most beautiful facets of the Orlando LDS Temple are the stained windows. The design is a peaceful elegance. The colors echo the colors of the land and water in Florida. TrudieBell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Orlando-LDS-Temple/G0000PKUc6A7Znh4/I0000qubiMk.NH3s Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net

Going Up

One of the side effects of the land boom in the mid 200’s was that coastal lots in the Florida Panhandle was cut into smaller and smaller pieces, while the size of homes going on the lots stayed constant or became larger. Tall and thin house designs became the norm. TrudieBell Website http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com License this […]

Via Lucis Photography

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Kaye McCrea DeBona

I am honored to be asked to share my images on Photographers Selection. This is another quality platform for my images and passion to be seen. Contact 14 Laurel Branch Drive Black Mountain NC 28711 United States Website – Blog http://kayemdebona.photoshelter.com/ Galleries http://kayemdebona.photoshelter.com/gallery/Yellowstone-Sunrises-Mornings/G0000sA.NtbL1SKs/ Email kayemcc@hotmail.com Specialities Landscape Travel Location

Orlando LDS Temple

The temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Orlando is a truly beautiful. It is one of the most peaceful places that i have ever been. TrudieBell http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/ License this image http://www.belloftheborders.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Orlando-LDS-Temple/G0000PKUc6A7Znh4/I0000W3907HzynVY Contact tdbell9520@comcast.net