New Images

Bald Eagle with fish

Image of a Bald Eagle flying towards camera with large fish in talons


Wilson’s Snipe standing at the edge of marsh with reflection

Female Belted Kingfisher

Female Belted Kingfisher in flight in front of snag

The Elegant Swallow-tailed Kite

Image of a Swallow-tailed Kite soaring overhead with prey

Pied-billed Grebe with shrimp in beak

Very wet Pied-billed Grebe coming to surface after a dive with shrimp in beak

King Rail

Image of a King Rail with both wings outstretched

Male Northern Pintail walking across frozen lake

Image of a Male Northern Pintail waking across frozen lake with one foot up

Pair of Snow Geese in flight

Image of a pair of Snow Geese in flight in front of a mountain in New Mexico

Ferruginous Hawk

Image of a Ferruginous Hawk, Light-Morph in flight over field in New Mexico

Great Kiskadee feeding on red berries

Two images of Great Kiskadee feeding on red berries. In one image the berry is falling from its beak

Male Northern Cardinal posing

Bright red Male Northern Cardinal posing on a branch with yellow flowers and red berries against green background

Adult and Juvenile Crested Caracara

Image of and adult and juvenile Crested Caracara perched on a limb against a cloudy sky

Northern Mockingbird with Yellow Berry

Northern Mockingbird perched on branch with yellow berry in beak with beak open

Great Blue Heron catching frog

Great Blue Heron catching a frog in wetland

White-crowned Sparrows

Two images of White-crowned Sparrows. One is perched on dead limb and one is on the ground by water

Male Northern Cardinal with bug in beak

Image of a Male Northern Cardinal on rocks by stream with a bug in its beak

Male Common Eider flapping

Image of a Male Common Eider flapping in water

Limpkin Chicks

Image of three Limpkin Downy Chicks walking in grass

Grasshopper Sparrow

Image of a Grasshopper Sparrow perched on fence post with a grasshopper in its beak

Golden-fronted Woodpecker with red berry

Male Golden-fronted Woodpecker perched on a branch with a red berry in beak

Killdeer taking off in flight from water

Image of a Killdeer taking off in flight from water with wings aloft and feet just above water, wing tips are blurred

Canada Goose in flight

Image of a Canada Goose in flight against blue sky

Common Yellowthroat

Image of a Male Common Yellowthroat perched in a tree surrounded by green leaves

Male Ruddy Ducks

Two images of Male Ruddy ducks, one in breeding colors and one non breeding flapping wings