Special effects

French Girl with Car

This orthochromatic piece combines a young girl with a fast car. You can also a dog nearby. There are dozens and dozens of unique details to be absorbed here. It is easy to look at this woman and this car and imagine the next few moments. We can see her getting in the car. We […]


Dieter Wahr Hello Everyone, I’m Dieter and it’s my passion create and run DW-EquinePhotography. I think…..today, every buddy deserve a quality and originality picture. Thank you and enjoy watching my websites Contact 236 Place Bruyere Mont St Hilaire j3h 4r5 Canada Website http://www.dwequinephotography.com Galleries http://www.dwequinephotography.photoshelter.com/index Email dieterwahr@hotmail.com Specialities Sports Special effects Animals / Wildlife

Alex Hill – Imagine Grafx

HDR landscape and cityscape I am a graphic designer and photographer currently based out Kelowna, BC, Canada. I am self-employed and have over 25 years experience in the industry, specializing mostly in sports imaging. I have provided services for many professional sports teams through the years, as well as at the collegiate and minor levels. […]

Leo Mason Photography

Leo Mason Test member only at this stage Contact London SW19 7BA United Kingdom       Website – Blog – Galleries http://leomason.com http://leomasondance.com Email leo@leomason.com Specialities Sports Arts / Entertainment Special effects ADVERTISEMENT

Cozmic Underground

Nathan Wright I am an English man living in Berlin. I have been here for many years now and have a passion to explore old abandoned buildings all of which have a lot of history. I also like shooting people, weddings portraits and classic female nudes .I have a studio here in a beautiful part […]

Cozmic Photos

Nathan Wright I’m a digital photographer and digital artist. A lot of my work takes me to some very interesting place’s here in Berlin. Abandoned forgotten historic places. My other passion is portrait and photo manipulation. Contact Cozmic Photos, Gneisenaustr 51, Gneisenaustr 51, 10961 , Germany Website – Blog – Galleries http://www.cozmicphotos.biz http://cozmicphotos.photoshelter.com/gallery-list Email cozmicberliner@googlemail.com […]

T. Derosier

Tyler Derosier I was invited to join. I have always wanted to share my work and make it available to a wider audience and the photographer’s selection seemed to be a great way to accomplish this. Website – Blog – Galleries http://tderosier.photoshelter.com http://tderosier.photoshelter.com/portfolio/G0000gN8GE9AsfK0 Email tylerderosier@gmail.com Specialities Landscape Panorama Special effects

Dancing Light Photography

John Slinn Life is a precious journey. Great photographs capture special moments, feelings, emotions, colours, looks, points of view and many other things that would otherwise disappear forever.I hope my images bring a smile to your face and a thought to your mind. Keep clicking. I know i will. I am very excited about our […]

Lucky Shot

There is luck involved in photographing nature and the world in action. There is alot of luck in photographing fireworks. This shot is an example of that luck. I was at a small fireworks show ans just happened to click the lens at the right moment to catch the flash of the firework. TrudieBell Website […]