Still life / product

Eye Candy

beads at a bead show

Water Drops on Yellow Orchids

Water droplets on yellow orchid blossoms

Leonardo Camaccho

Creative Brazilian Photographer with big clientes. Still life, landscape, architecture/interior, landscapes and portraits

Denise Torres

Professional photographer located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho creating food and still images for the editorial, advertising and commercial photography market.

Denise Torres Photography

Denise Torres I am a photographer, a constant observer at heart. Natural light is gorgeous ~ creatively modifying and controlling light is equally pleasing. Form and color intrigue me. I love to record life, food, mood and natural elements. Exploring and building new skills is essential. It seems I am surrounded by like minded individuals […]

Leonardo Camacho

Leonardo Camacho I was invited by Mr. Jan Keteleer on February of 2012. Them I spent some time looking into the website untill I was travelling across South America. Now I’m back home, I have time to join in this project that I loved in the first sight. Website – Blog – Galleries […]

Photography by Jerry, LLC

Jerry Deutsch Following a career in education and as a wedding photographer, I am finally pursuing my dream of being a food and product photographer. I service New York City, Philadelphia and all of New Jersey. I became a member of Photographers’ Selection to promote my art and let the world know how to find […]

Will Burwell Photography

Will Burwell I want to belong to a group which understands that owning a camera does not make you a professional photographer and believes that you should always provide excellent images with superior customer service to their clients. Just good enough is unacceptable. Contact Toronto M4E 3R9 Canada Website – Blog – Galleries […]

Sweater and zipper

Image of a purple sweater and yellow undershirt with an open zipper. Careful consideration was given to the choice of color and the composition. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

architectural photography

Architectural photography is fun, I get to see the latest trends in interior design, the best construction ideas, and take all those ideas home to try for myself. I enjoy making the scene look glamorous, while not letting my lighting become a focus of the shot. Interiors or exteriors, it’s all about making the image […]

JS PhotoFX

Jan Stittleburg  Photography is both a science and an art – the science is in the lighting and the art is in the layout of the shot. Whether it’s a photo taken on a vacation, for my architectural clients or my product photography clients, I make use of the science of lighting to enhance the […]

Oote Boe

OOTE BOE has a rich background in photography and lighting. He has deep and broad experience in location and studio photography. In the course of his career, Boe has developed a sharp eye for colors, shapes and the stories contained in still images. He has traveled extensively through America, Asia, and Europe, and has worked […]

Roshan Crasta Photography

RoshanCrasta Kuwait CityBneid Al Gar 22028Kuwait Website – Blog Galleries     Email Specialities Still life / product Aerial Fashion ADVERTISEMENT oldtimers art prints for sale german art for sale german paintings for sale germany art for sale germany paintings for sale

Tony Hernandez

  Looking to expand my client list with those seeking high quality photography. 14232 N. 3rd Ave.Phoenix 85023 United States Website – Blog: Galleries: Email:    Specialities Architecture / Interior Still life / product Advertising reeds art for sale reeds paintings for sale big cat art for sale big cat paintings for […]