Bighorn Sheep {Ovis canadensis}

Bighorns in the Canyon

Blog article about photographing the bighorn sheep rut and mating season in Bighorn Sheep Canyon along the Arkansas River in Colorado


Tree at Nanny Cay and how lighting makes a difference

Observation of how the lighting of a landscape can make a world of a difference in the feel of an image. Photograph of Nanny Cay Tortola, British Virgin Islands


Lighted Waterfall

Photograph of a waterfall in the mountains lit by the sun. Alps near mount Ortler in South Tirol, Italy, Europe

"Solar Projectiles" by Ordi Calder

Solar Projectiles by Ordi Calder selected at THE ART OF INSTAGRAM

work selected for exhibition “THE ART OF INSTAGRAM” at 1650 Gallery Los Angeles, USA. The sacred geometry underlies everything,from molecules to galaxies. Under


Chaordicolor of Ordi Calder Selected for International exhibition “Color Story” in the Darkroom Gallery!!

Work Selected for International Exhibition “Color Story” in the Darkroom Gallery, USA. This is the second collective exhibition of a Ordi Calder’s in 2013!


Photography’s Fringe Benefits

Eccentric people one meets while photographing

Spellings LIGHT Graphic Facts

Shadows String of Ordi Calder, is selected for another International Exhibition

Gollll!! The Photography “String Shadows” is Selected for the first exhibition of 2013! All Photography at the Art Gallery “Light Space & Time”. Underlies !!


Fatal Zebra Crossing i

Zebra crossing over mara river in masai mara in kenya with crocodile kill.


Skimmer Male Being Naughty

lion mating on duba plains in okavango delta in botswana



leopard watching from his tree a bushbuck passing by in an attempt to hunt.


Serengeti Flooded

An unusual sighting seeing the Serengeti all wet and flooded with the Grumeti River overflowing.

The Swedish Eastindiaman Götheborg

Rigging on the tall ship Götheborg

Photograph of masts and rigging on the Swedish replica Eastindiaman Götheborg.


Interpreting Images

Foggy scene of the Japanese Boat House on the form Fabyan Estate in Geneva, Illinois.


Underlies “What in the world is smaller (microcosm) reflects what is in the larger world or universe (macrocosm)”

Grid Shadows – Any geometric shape embodies metaphysical aspects that pre-exist the structures of the physical environment, and have deep psychological and symb


The Cheetah Lesson

Two cheetah brothers taught us all about team work.


The Comfort of the Herd

Desperate zebra mother over the death of her baby in the Masai Mara in Kenya.


The Loving Brother

Two starved lion brothers in Tsavo East National Park.


Fascinating Leopard: Who is She?

Female leopard portrait, hiding in high grass.


Base Jumps filmed by a Drone in Provence, France

Buy this picture Justine Edde & Martin Schürmann are two swiss base jumpers and we had the chance to meet them up on Cap Canaille nearby Cassis, southern France! Cap Canaille in the second highest maritime cliff in Europe (399m). Our drone (i.e in Marseille, France) was in front of them when it comes […]

Blockhouse with small wind turbine on the roof

Small scale wind turbine

Photograph of a blockhouse with a small wind turbine.


Another work of Ordi Calder selected for exhibition in Los Angeles

Work selected in the 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, in the exhibition “It’s a Sign: the medium is the message” and made ​​in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil. The time s


Learning Patience

Challenges of landscape photography


Black and White Fine Print

China nature landscape, black and white fine art photography by Paul Chong.


Color abstractions

Buy this picture Color abstraction images taken at night Sergio Nogueira Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact