Chris Bidleman Photography

Chris Bidleman The nature of artists is to explore the world around them, see things differently, and to constantly learn more about their craft and about themselves. I am both a photographer as well as a musician and I seek out new ways to combine both the performing arts as well as visual arts. By […]

Jürgen Vogt Photographer

About Jürgen Vogt Born in Berlin, Germany, Jürgen Vogt is a Canadian photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vogt was raised in Toronto and lived for several years in Montreal, after he and his family emigrated from Berlin. Jürgen’s personal work is of an ever evolving style, rooted in documentary and reportage genres. His images […]

Picturing the Americas

I felt totally in love with America. My name is Inge Zuelich. I grew up in Midwestern Germany. I’ve always been an adventurous person. My first time travelling without my parents was a backpackers trip through Central America. Three month in countries so different from everything that I knew and everything that my world had […]

Fish Mouth Cave

Native American ruin detail in the Fish Mouth Cave site along Comb Ridge in Utah

Edoardo Lucci

Edoardo Lucci photographer

Comb Ridge

Native American ruins and rock art found in Utah’s Comb Ridge.

More about Ecuador

Alert for and photos from a Pronghorn Wildlife Photography blog post about travel and photography in Ecuador experienced by Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball

Forgotten Route 66

New Mexico Highway 156 east of Santa Rosa was once part of Route 66.

Neon of the Blue Swallow Motel on Route 66

The historic Blue Swallow Motel still awaits travelers in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

The Amazon, Lungs of the World

An short description of travel to the Amazon in Ecuador and a picture of a Saki Monkey.

Independence Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon in red, white and blue

Monarchs of Winter

A photograph of Monarch butterflies and an invitation to read on our blog about the yearly butterfly migration through California.

Route 66 Bridge Over Padre Canyon

Buy this picture Padre Canyon Bridge spans the Padre Canyon in Arizona, east of Flagstaff. Once part of the National Old Trails Highway, and later Route 66, it’s construction allowed vehicles to pass over Padre Canyon whose steep canyon walls were a major transportation obstacle on the relatively flat Arizona high desert since the days […]

BC Ferries Skeena Queen

Buy this picture BC Ferries Skeena Queen transits through Swartz Bay on its way to Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Steam and Diesel: Quincy Railroad #2 and Western Pacific 918D

Buy this picture Niles Canyon Railways’ steam engine Quincy Railroad Company No. 2, an ALCO 2-6-2T built in 1924, and the Western Pacific 918-D, a 1950 built General Motors EMD F-7 Diesel share the tracks at Vallejo Mills near Sunol, California. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Twin Arrows, Route 66, Arizona

Photo from Route 66 in Arizona


Midwest Travel Landscape and Commercial Photographer

scenic ireland

chris hill To keep in touch with like souls Contact Belfast bt28dy Ireland Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Landscape Travel Stock

The Big Picture Gallery

Nick Lukey To showcase my landscape photography, alongside other great photographers Contact Ashbourne De6 1gf United Kingdom Website – Blog – Galleries Email Specialities Landscape Fine Art Travel


Camps Bay Ocean road, a Long Exposure photograph at night with Light trails of cars. Cape Town South Africa

Interview with travel and documentary photographer Jeremy Horner

interview with british bangkok based travel photographer Jeremy Horner

Rowing over lake Ladtjojaure

Photograph of a solitary rowing boat in front of towering mountains in Swedish Lapland.

Sergio Ballivian Photography

Sergio Ballivian I read through your invite, read lots of pages on your website and blog, looked at other members, tried to digest the SEO tutorials, and overall wanted to evaluate what you offered and why. Then I did the math. At this point I am convinced that if I spend a little time I […]

Ute Sonnenberg

My strength is environmental and travel photography with the speciality of African wildlife photography.