Wildlife Tour to the magic of the Kalahari

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Explore the Magic of the Kalahari / Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
Our Tour dates are: 22 February – 05 March 2021

The Wildlife Photo tour will be a small group of 4/5 persons. The Kalahari / Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is located north of South Africa, bordering Namibia and Botswana. This National Park was officially established in the year 2000. South Africa’s Kalahari Gemsbok National Park merged with Botswana’s Gemsbok National Park. The magic of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is magnificent. It consists mainly of red dunes as well as unique desert-adapted animals make this a truly magical place. It is well-known among wildlife and landscape photography enthusiasts. Thanks to the waterholes along two riverbeds, wild animals come and go. The wildlife makes their way down from the corrugated dunes to the river canyon. Of course, they are in need to quench their thirst. This is big cat territory. These two dry riverbeds act as the best corridor for the Kalahari lions and are the best places to see them on the hunt for their prey. Contact and more info: https://anettemossbacher.com/exclusive-wildlife-photo-tour-in-the-magic-of-the-kalahari/

Anette Mossbacher
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Wildlife & Landscape Photography Anette Mossbacher – Fine Art Photography

Anette Mossbacher

Having a deep interest in the natural world, I have dedicated my life’s work to be a photographer. Indeed, I am a wildlife, landscape, and nature photographer. Wildlife and landscapes inspire and excite me. As such, I have had great opportunities to travel to almost every continent on the planet. That gives me the burning passion for capturing unique moments in nature.

Challenges for me are a source of motivation. My background in sports has played a significant role in giving me the drive to do what I do. Undoubtedly, it has given me the ability to keep a positive mindset and stay focused while out in the field.

Getting that one unique photograph takes effort and time. To fully understand the challenges that await a wildlife photographer, you have to be out in nature. You have to know the freezing Arctic or the burning desert. My experiences have taught me the importance of dedication and commitment – also hard work, and most of all – patience. You must become one with nature and wait for the perfect moment. Be still, be quiet, and Mother Earth will reward your patience.

Anette Mossbacher



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Johannesburg & Zurich
South Africa


Animals / Wildlife

Wallace Weeks Photography

A Travel Photographer

The objective of the images that Wallace Weeks creates is to ignite emotions. Creating images that spark a sense of serenity, curiosity, marvel or desire are special to Wallace because he feels it first. Wallace says “If that was not enough, experiencing different cultures of the world while creating my images makes what I do very special to me.”

From the culture of creativity that is Paris, to the culture of community that is Luang Prabang, and the culture of diversity that is Chicago, the photography of Wallace Weeks expresses what is important to the people in a location. The subject of each destination is best described as cultural anthropology.

Wallace’s travels began before his ability to remember was developed and the love of photography began only a handful of years later. Wallace has studied and practiced photography since the age of 12 and first got into the business more than 40 years ago. His early experience in the business was derived primarily from event and studio photography. Given the lifelong travel activity, it should be no wonder that the business has migrated to be specialized in travel photography. However specialized it may sound travel photography includes portraiture, architectural, food, sports, landscape, and sports photography.

Today, Wallace’s Orlando, Florida based business produces images for the assignments of advertisers who want to make people go to a place. It may be a small café, city, county, or a cruise to many places. Images are also produced for the assignments of magazines, books, and electronic media that publish travel related content. And, Wallace produces stock photography for several stock agencies, has a direct licensing system, and produces art for decor markets. His images are used worldwide.

Sharing his passion with others who are interested in traveling with a camera is another part of his business. For this, Wallace Weeks Photography produces workshops and programs to help others get more and better pictures from their travels, publishes educational content, and in 2012 will begin to operate international photo tours.

If you would like to view Wallace’s photography or learn about his events you may visit his website at www.wallaceweeks.com.

Tel: 321.730.6857

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Interview with travel and documentary photographer Jeremy Horner

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Nomadic by nature, and as a qualified geologist, Jeremy wandered into the Himalaya in 1987, teaching himself photography.His work from the Nepali Himalaya was immediately published in Hong Kong to high acclaim, thus sparking a romantic career over the past 25 years, travelling to over 90 countries.. view map

His unique images, a harmonious fusion of light and colour, are in constant demand by leading international publications such as Life, National Geographic, GEO, Newsweek, The Telegraph and The Sunday Times. Jeremy is a veteran of over 20 assignments for UNICEF, on all continents, from Nicaragua to North Korea. He spent six years exploring Latin America and published four books: Living Incas, The Life of Colombia and Fiestas - Celebrations and Rituals of Colombia as well as a book of aerial photographs of Colombia. He has produced books on Brunei and Saudi Arabia by royal commission and participated in prestigious international projects of the world's leading photographers. Jeremy also wrote his most recent book, Island Dreams Mediterranean, published by Thames and Hudson. His corporate clients include BP, Bloomberg, Orient-Express and the UAE government.

Jeremy's experience as an assignment photographer around the world is invaluable. Even with limited budgets and with severe time constraints he is uncompromising in the pursuit of superlative images. He continues to work on subjects he is passionate about, such as the Himalaya and living Buddhism.

Jeremy Horner's archive of over 50,000 edited images can be sampled here at Photoshelter. He also has image collections with Corbis and Getty and has been a member of Panos Pictures since 1995. When not on assignment he divides his time between England and Bangkok.

Jeremy Horner
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David Burge Photography

A Different View

David1In 2007 I emerged from an induced coma in hospital to learn I had been asleep for seven weeks. Without boring you with the details, I found I could look at things and see beauty in what I used to take for granted. I had always been a keen photographer but decided to take the leap and study the art of professional photography. This filled in many of the gaps in my knowledge and gave me the confidence to work full time as a professional.

The shot of the office building is one of the first photographs taken with my newly acquired Canon 5D MkII. The polarising filter made the shot possible with sun glaring off the building. However, security guards soon moved me on as I was in the heart of London’s financial centre, Canary Wharf.

I find that promoting myself is the hardest part of being a professional and therefore I really appreciate sites like Photographers Selection helping me to put my work in front of many potential clients as possible.

Thank you for your time.


+44(0)753 808 1498

African American Family Monument

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While exploring Savannah, Georgia, I discovered this monument to African Americans on the River Walk. Erected on July 27, 2002, the African-American Monument depicts a family of four embracing after emancipation while chains representing slavery lie at their feet. Standing just behind the Hyatt Hotel on the river walk, this beautiful monument is the first in Savannah to recognize the contributions made by African Americans. A quote from Maya Angelou is engraved on the base.

The monument was designed by Savannah College of Art and Design Professor Dorothy Spradley. She was assisted by one of her students, Dan Koster, who built the architectural model for the monument.

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Trudie Bell
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Ryan Learoyd | Shutter Go.. Click Photography

Yorkshire Based Fine Art Photography

Work-Files-2011-10-15-1102-Copyright-©Ryan-LearoydRyan Learoyd is the man behind Shutter Go.. Click and a photographer based from Leeds in the UK. Specialising in travel, nature, commercial, leisure, music, performance, film production and stock photography, he is available for assignments throughout the UK with a focus within the Yorkshire area. For more of his work and the stories behind the images, be part part of the inspiration and Visit Shutter Go.. Click.

My love of photography has always existed and my adoration of the still image is merely an extension of my passion for film. I was around 17 when I was sat in my Media Studies lessons utterly engrossed with the theories surrounding every facet of our lives. It gave me the ability to understand the meaning behind film and the media as a whole. It gripped me by the balls like Neo seeing the Matrix for the first time. My fascination with the moving image started with these moments of inspiration.

From here I went onto university to study a BA in Film and Televison Production. These 3 years taught me a lot about myself as well as how I wanted to express myself creatively. If anything, uni put me off from wanting a career in the industry. We were constantly bombarded with the fact that there were no jobs, and that making it in such a competitive environment was nearing the impossible. Not exactly the advice you want to hear when you've acquired just over 14,000 pounds in student loans.

I started taking images at university with a Sony Compact, purchased with the good old student overdraft. I followed timelines of productions from pre to post with stills. Crew shots became almost as much of a delight as filming. When directing I could take images which portrayed my pre-visualisations. I could use lighting rigs to connote meaning in my subjects. There was something incredible about capturing that moment of time in a single frame. It would help me to create my films and express their intended messages through another creative medium.

I now specialise in not having a speciality, I will point my camera at anything and everything that will stimulate the senses. I am a published writer/photographer and have appeared in both print and online publications. Much of my writing and photography can be found on My Blog.




Freedom gulls

This scene comes to us from out of the past. Judging by the car and plane depicted in this scene, we can guess that this piece is set in the 1950s. The car is a classic now, but it was once the newest, hottest thing on the road. Its iconic design transports us back to this era with ease. Behind the classic car, we can see an airplane with its massive propellers. The American flag is brilliantly displayed along the side of the plane. It seems likely that this plane has experienced some pretty amazing adventures. Gulls fly alongside the plane. It is a beautiful day. (Jan Keteleer)
This scene comes to us from out of the past. Judging by the car and plane depicted in this scene, we can guess that this piece is set in the 1950s. The car is a classic now, but it was once the newest, hottest thing on the road. Its iconic design transports us back to this era with ease. Behind the classic car, we can see an airplane with its massive propellers. The American flag is brilliantly displayed along the side of the plane. It seems likely that this plane has experienced some pretty amazing adventures. Gulls fly alongside the plane. It is a beautiful day.

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Chris Bidleman Photography

That Tree in Fall in the Portland Japanese Garden
Chris Bidleman

Chris Bidleman Photography Headshot B&W The nature of artists is to explore the world around them, see things differently, and to constantly learn more about their craft and about themselves. I am both a photographer as well as a musician and I seek out new ways to combine both the performing arts as well as visual arts. By reaching out and networking to other photographers and people who appreciate art, I hope to learn a few things and hopefully I can also share what I have learned along my artistic journey.

I look forward sharing my nature, landscape, travel and wildlife photography with others that we can connect with through Photographers Selection.
800 NE Tenney Rd Ste 110
Vancouver, WA 98685
United States
Animals / Wildlife

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Jürgen Vogt Photographer


About Jürgen Vogt

Born in Berlin, Germany, Jürgen Vogt is a Canadian photographer living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vogt was raised in Toronto and lived for several years in Montreal, after he and his family emigrated from Berlin. Jürgen's personal work is of an ever evolving style, rooted in documentary and reportage genres. His images explore a fascination with history, the environment, architecture and politics. In 1981 he travelled to Warsaw, Poland to photograph the Solidarity Union demonstrations during an intense period of their activity. In 1986 Vogt completed extensive work for the book, "The Expo Celebration" and again in 1988, for "Share The Flame", where he covered the Winter Olympic opening ceremonies in Calgary. Vogt has made annual trips to Havana, Cuba since 2004, to document the city, its people, and the unique qualities that make Havana such an interesting mosaic. In April of 2011, an exhibition of Vogt's portraits of Cubans and Canadians, titled “The Portrait Project” opened at UNEAC, (The National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba).
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His Photographs have been published worldwide in newspapers and magazines including but not limited to TIME, MacLean's, Business Week, The Vancouver Province, the North Shore News and Toronto Star. Jürgen has also photographed for advertising campaigns, annual reports and trade publications, with a client list including Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, MacMillan Bloedel, Crown Forest, Weldwood Forest Products, Suntour Travel, Sunquest Travel, Canada 3000, Florida Tourism and BC Tourism.[hana-code-insert name='WILDLIFE' /]

Jürgen's images have been shown in galleries and museums, and are included in a growing number of gallery and private collections in Canada, Cuba and the USA. In addition, a selection of his photographs are housed in the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa.

Since 1990 Jürgen has been working on a B&W Portrait Project photographing Canadians and Cubans in all disciplines of the arts. All the portraits have been made with a 4x5 field camera 400 ISO sheet film, no lighting or makeup. He processes his own film and then scan the negatives to make digital prints.

Website & Contact info: www.jurgenvogt.com All of Jürgen’s images are available for purchase as either signed Limited Edition Prints or unsigned regular prints.

Blog at: Tumblr

Stock Licensing Images are available through: Photoshelter

Or at the Editorial Photo Agency: N49Photo
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