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Discover The Rarest And Most Elusive Animals In Africa

Discover the rarest and most elusive animals in Africa. From the funny African Penguins to the Wild Dogs to Pangolins

Cape Cross Fur Seals Slaughtered For Their Fur!

Fur seal cub drinking from it’s mother. Every year, around 85000 seals are being slaughtered for their fur in Namibia/Africa.


Camps Bay Ocean road, a Long Exposure photograph at night with Light trails of cars. Cape Town South Africa

How to Successfully Photograph Birds

Photographer tips to successfully photograph birds. They are very fast animals and one ends up often with the picture of branch without bird.

Seeing the World

Art is a way of seeing the world. It challenges perceptions, evokes emotions and stimulates thought. All great art changes the way we see the world around us, or perhaps creates a new world all of its own. That’s what sets art apart from crafts, which are solely concerned with craftsmanship and aesthetics. (David Cohen […]

Two becomes One

It might look like a cheetah with two heads, but its not. These two brothers are so tuned in that the image shows exactly their relationship. We were lucky to follow them during our two days stay and it seemed they were part of our program, a photography team building session where the team of […]


We were on a game drive when encountering a cute and “scary” situation with a baby elephant. The road we were on was in an area with thick bush on both sides. Suddenly we had the classic of “two cars in opposite directions on a one lane bridge”. Only that the other “car” was a […]


The word photography comes from the Greek and means as much as “drawing with light”, and yes, photography is all about light. The light determines the settings on the camera, points out the object and creates the composition. The camera becomes the third eye of the photographer, listening to the light and capturing a painting […]

The tale of the “Africa virus” …

It is almost like a secret code, understood only by people who have been on this magical continent with its incredible nature and strong energy. The continent is called Africa and the secret thing they are talking about is called the “Africa virus”. When people came home from their trip they noticed that they felt […]