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A flock of flying Jackdaws

Black and white photograph of a flock of flying jackdaws, tinted sepia.

Common Hammock-Weaver spiders (Linyphia triangularis) during courtship

A collection of HD-1080 video clips showing the courtship and mating of Common Hammock-Weaver spiders (Linyphia triangularis) on a summer evening.

Portrait of a Wolf looking through leaves

Portrait of a Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) hidden behind a bush.


leopard watching from his tree a bushbuck passing by in an attempt to hunt.

Portrait of a horse

Sepia tinted black and white portrait photograph of a brown horse on a summer meadow.

Anolis sagrei sagrei – Cuban Brown Anole

Anolis sagrei sagrei – Cuban Brown Anole

Bank Vole gathering seeds for the winter

Still image of a HD 1080 footage clip showing a Bank Vole harvesting lupine seeds.

Apple Snail Begins with Pink

Apple Snail and its pink eggs.

Animals in black and white

Buy this picture I was in the zoological garden from Berlin to take this photographs. I made a serie of black and white portraits from some animals. Black and white is excellent to show the character of the animals. See more on Enjoy, Dirk Heckmann Buy this picture Dirk Heckmann Website – Blog – […]

Grey Wall Jumping Spider

grey wall jumper, Menemerus bivittatus

Peek a boo pig

Image for sale or licensing of a pink pig’s snout peeking between the opening of a blue, weathered, worn and textured blue gate.

Wolf pack

A photography of a wolf pack biting in each others muzzles.

A couple of Arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea) feeding each other

Photography of a couple of Arctic terns feeding each other.

Wildcat with kitten in a forest

Photography of a Wildcat mother hiding with one of her kitten behind sunlit shrubes in a forest.

Gnat resting on grass stalks in front of a gurgling brook.

Close up of a midge resting on blades of grass.

Honey bee gathering pollen

Photography of a honey bee gathering pollen from apple blossoms in spring.

Where’s the Grub

Baby mockingbirds demand food.

Young Arctic hare sitting on a freshly mowed meadow in spring

Photo of a young Arctic hare (Lepus timidus) sitting in a freshly mowed meadow in spring.

Yellow and black wasp up close

Image of a yellow and black wasp from behind as it forages nectar from a flower. Very shallow depth of field with the focus on the rear and wings. Slight texture applied to image. Vibrant colors Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

Black Bear in the Woods in NC

This beautiful Black Bear showed up in the woods behind my house one rainy Saturday morning. I live in the North Carolina Mountains near the Blue Ridge Parkway. He is standing about 30 feet from my house. Sandra Calderbank Website License this image Contact

Bird on a fence

Image of a local bird sitting on an old blue chain fence This beautiful little bird just sat and posed for me. I just had enough time to grab my camera and take 2 quick snaps before he flew off. I love the little expression on his face, as if he was trying to figure […]

SIngle dove on a roof in black and white

A single bird sitting contently on an old roof. Black and white image with minimalistic composition and elements. Anya Brewley Schultheiss Website License this image Contact

One of those Days

There are days that the camo just does not work. This green tree frog seemed completely convinced that he was as invisible on the small tree trunk as he would have been on a green leave. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Woman and Her Dog both Wearing Coats

Here is another image from my recent open call audition. This lovely woman came in with her little dog and I couldn’t get over how much their interesting coats and the woman’s amazing hat. I asked if it was an ushanka ( a russian hat usually made of fur) and she expressed amazement that I […]