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Least Bittern

Close view of a Least Bittern taking off in flight in the rain

American Robin

A detailed image of a Female American Robin perched on a dead branch

Belted Kingfisher

A Female Belted Kingfisher in flight over water with wings aloft

The Seldom Seen

A Juvenile Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron perched on a dead limb in evening light

Brown Pelican Portrait

A close view of a beautiful Brown Pelican against a blue sky and water

Fish Story

A Female Belted Kingfisher landing on a dead tree branch with wings out, facing camera

Blue-Crowned Parakeets

Two images of very colorful Blue-Crowned Parakeets. One is a pair, snuggling and one image is a blue=crowned parakeet perched on a tree.

Hummingbirds of Summer

Photographing hummingbirds in Colorado during the summer

Plain Chachalaca

A very close view of the face of a Plain Chachalaca

Surprise Flight

A Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron taking off in flight from edge of marsh with water dripping from feet

My First Barred Owl Sighting

A large Barred Owl in flight landing in a tree with wings outstretched and feet out in front

Chasing the colorful Grosbeak

A very colorful Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak perched in Hemlock tree

First Steps

A close image of a baby Northern Bobwhite Quail chick taking it’s first steps across a gravel road

Florida Scrub Jay

Close view of a beautiful blue Florida Scrub Jay perched in a leafy tree

Long-Billed Thrasher

A very close, eye level view of a Long-Billed thrasher taking a bird bath in a puddle.

Cardinal look-alike

A close view of a very colorful Pyrrhuloxia perched on a tree limb

Eastern Bluebird

A brilliant Eastern Bluebird perched in evening light


Images of Male and Female Bufflehead on water surface and Female Bufflehead taking off in flight from water

In Search of Wood Ducks

An image of a beautiful Female wood duck standing on the bank of a pond with her beak open.

That’s One Lucky Bug!

A close image of an Adult Tree Swallow attempting to feed an insect to a nestling in a nest box. The insect can be seen flying away off to the right

Thanks Mom!

A Female House Sparrow placing a Bee in nestlings open mouth

Give Me That Bee!

A Female House Sparrow prepares to feed a nestling a Bee that is in her beak


A Female Northern Cardinal taking a birdbath in a puddle

Bewick’s Wren

Bewick’s Wren gathering nesting materials and Bewick’s Wren perched in a thorny tree