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Pink striped Geranium

pink striped geranium

Spring Feast

honeybee on a cherry blossom

Spanish Bayonet, Yucca aloifolia

Spanish bayonet, Yucca aloifolia, in bloom

Spring Pink

Ornamental cherry tree in bloom

First sign of spring 0 ornamental cherry buds and blossom

ornamental cherry buds and blossom

Yellow Iris

yellow iris in bloom

Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise flower

A Sheath Full of Canna Lily

Canna Lilies produce a sheath of buds filled with beautiful peach flowers in this case.

Organic field with poppies

Panoramic photograph of an organic barley field with blossoming poppies.

Yellow Azalea

Wild yellow azalea in bloom

Bees in paradise

honey been in a bird of paradise flower

Beauty in a Series

bird of paradise flower, Strelitzia, sp.

Spring Feast

honeybee on a red clover blossom

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Oak-Leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea quercifolia, in bloom

Lavender Dendrobium

lavender dendrobium orchid in bloom

Common, but not Commonly Seen

Tuliptree bloosom, Liriodendron tulipifera, is tulip shaped in green, orange and yellow.

Zienna Lost and Forgotten

The sand on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle is known as sugar sand, because it is so fine and white. When land is cleared near the coast for development, an expanse of blazing white is created that reminds me of a fresh snowfall, except that usually it is blazing hot as well as blinding […]