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Horse stampede in the sea

A glorious, breathtaking stampede of horses in the sea! This is a perfect scene for not only those who like horses, but for those who appreciate the incredible energy and power of animals. A single animal can prove to be powerful enough. Bring together the energy of several examples of the same animal, and you […]

Basket Patterns

Intricate basket patterms

Pipe Corrosion Landscapes

Rugged landscape created by pipe corrosion over water.

Pelican Reflection

Brown pelican and reflection

Insect Eggs on a Branch

Insect eggs on a branch

Female Common Grackle

Female common grackle

Portrait of a horse

Sepia tinted black and white portrait photograph of a brown horse on a summer meadow.

Soaking up the Sun

Brown pelicans roosting

Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis

Brown Pelican, Pelecanus occidentalis, sunning

Small scale wind turbine

Photograph of a blockhouse with a small wind turbine.

Colorful autumn textures

Photograph of an autumn colored birch leaf lying on two mushrooms.

First autumn ice

Photograph of ice forming in a whitewater river in autumn.

Brown Wasp

Brown wasp, Polistes fuscatus, chewing on wood and with a nest and eggs.

Wildcat with kitten in a forest

Photography of a Wildcat mother hiding with one of her kitten behind sunlit shrubes in a forest.

Great beauty in death

Image for sale or licensing of a dried brown but beautiful flower. Wonderful textured leaves and earthy color. Macro image

The sky reflected in a blockhouse window

Photo of a traditional Swedish blockhouse, with a handblown window reflecting the sky.

Young Arctic hare sitting on a freshly mowed meadow in spring

Photo of a young Arctic hare (Lepus timidus) sitting in a freshly mowed meadow in spring.

Cinnamon Fern

The cinnamon fern has large cinnamon colored reproductive bodies.

Tiny Beginnings

Water from a seep area collects to form the tiny rivulet flowing under the ferns. Dozens of rivulets like this one flow together to create a decent sized stream that leaves the area. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact