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Black and white image of waves at Josiah’s Bay, British Virgin Islands

Black and white image of waves gently lapping up onto a beach on Josiah’s Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Prints for sale or RM licensing available

Surfer in Red

Image of a surfer in bright vibrant Caribbean colors. Yellow, and red against the beautiful blue ocean and sky. Prints for purchase and image for licensing

Waves at Carrot Bay, British Virgin Islands

Image for sale or licensing of a beautiful Caribbean coastline with a small wooden house . White capped waves and blue waters. Carrot Bay, British Virgin Island

Window and vines

Image for sale of a old wooden window with metal hook. Old trinkets can be seen in the window and the outside wall is covered with weeds reaching for the window

Reach for the light

Black and white abstract image of silhouetted leaves of a palm tree reaching up and outwards towards the light. Simple image with emphasis on shape and lines.

Standing in the water abstract in black and white

Black and white abstract image of a man standing in shallow water on a beach in the Caribbean. Simple images with emphasis on shadow and texture.

Bananas on a store ledge at Carrot Bay

Image of several bunches of bananas for sale on a simple rural store ledge at Carrot Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Images for sale or licensing.

Vibrant pink window on a bright green wall at Cane Garden Bay British Virgin Islands.

Image of a vibrant brightly colored pink window on a green wooden wall by Anya Brewley Schultheiss. Tropical island style and colors of the Virgin Islands.

Man walking along a fence while picking tamarind

I just happened to be driving by when I noticed a pair of boots on the edge of this fence. No head was initially in sight. The red bag hanging at the side of the fence confirmed the activity though, he was trying to pick tamarind from the higher branches and was using the fence […]

Silhouetted yachts and the sun’s rays.

Image of three yachts on the water at Cane Graden Bay , Virgin Islands The day was especially overcast but close to sunset the sun’s rays fought through the clouds to shine down on the yachts below. Anya Brew Website License this image Contact

Waves in black and white

Image of gentle waves rolling in onto a beach in black and white. I loved the lines and form of the waves as they rolled in onto the sand I find that black and white accentuated that simple beauty. This photo was taken at Josiahs Bay beach in the British Virgin Islands. Anya Brewley¬† Schultheiss […]

St. Thomas–Caribbean all the way through and through

St.Thomas and St. John were absolutely wonderful! I will be writing more about them in the near future as to the story of the islands. Dustin DeBoer Link to license the image above Contact