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Elephants walking together

We don’t know as much about the charming elephants in this piece as we might want to, but we do know enough. We know they are a family. We know they are dedicated to one another. Elephant families are some of the most extraordinary families in the world. This is a wonderful scene of family, […]

Forgotten Route 66

New Mexico Highway 156 east of Santa Rosa was once part of Route 66.

F7F Tigercat and Stormclouds

Buy this picture Grumman F7F Tigercat sitting on the ramp at Stead Field near Reno, Nevada, as storm clouds gather. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact usa shower curtains for sale children metal prints for sale children greeting cards for sale children posters for sale american paintings […]

Utah’s Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Buy this picture Sand dunes at Utah’s Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park near Kanab. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Small Shack and Big Sky in the California Foothills

Buy this picture A small shack and windmill on a cattle ranch in the California foothills. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Shack and Windmill

Small shack and windmill in Calaveras County in California’s foothills

Windmill at Telegraph City in Calaveras County, California.

Buy this picture An Aeromotor windmill stands against an incoming storm at Telegraph City in Calaveras County, California. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio Contact

Sunset over the snow-capped peaks of the Alps in Vinschgau, South Tyrol, Italy.

Photography of snow-capped mountains in the Alps at sunset.

Thunderhead Behind a Beach House

Beach house with a thunderhead behind it.

Going at a different pace

Travel photography featuring a village at the Swedish High Coast.

The sky reflected in a blockhouse window

Photo of a traditional Swedish blockhouse, with a handblown window reflecting the sky.

Snowy Egret, Egretta thula

Snowy Egret, Egretta thula, flying along a surf line.

Sky at Sea

I was watching the clouds on a cruise when the sun broke through in one area to illuminate the sea. Trudie Bell Website Buy this image Contact

Silhouetted yachts and the sun’s rays.

Image of three yachts on the water at Cane Graden Bay , Virgin Islands The day was especially overcast but close to sunset the sun’s rays fought through the clouds to shine down on the yachts below. Anya Brew Website License this image Contact

Fog Bow

One morning when I was doing a Caracara survey, I suddenly realized that a fog bow had formed. I had never seen one before and was a bit confused, but I took photos. Later in the day, I compared notes with others involved in the survey and a number of people had seen them. Trudie […]

Cane Garden Bay Sunset

Image of a couple relaxing inside and looking out at the sea at sunset. We get the most gorgeous golden skies here in the Virgin Islands. The shot was taken at Cane Garden Bay an I do not believe that the couple even noticed me as I took the shot. Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website […]

Building Thunderheads over a Marsh

Thunderstorms are the normal fare on a summer afternoon along the panhandle of Florida. Watching them build, particularly over the mirror of an open pond in a marsh, is a delight. TrudieBell Link to the image Contact


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