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Ordi Calder, One Work Selected Award - FIAP

Ordilei Caldeira

ordicalder2012-150_DSC9543 Statement
The light draws in shadows, on artificial media constructed by human hands, geometric shapes, signs and symbols. I photograph the Truth That underlies the real and see these designs Light, the unchanging values ​​of Sacred Geometry in our changing reality, properties that underlies all structures of natural formations, Organic or Inorganic, on Earth and in Kosmos; underlies even a thought.
The Light to create aesthetic beauty in the forms of everyday insinuating.

Imagination, Creativity, search Surreal, or Realism and Spiritualism are prominent brands in my work. Photographs are taken in moments of respite from the real, mystical moments That convey the silence and poetry of life, when “all elements harmonize” with my mind.

My Photographic Poetic, The underlies, is inspired by Geometry, History, Graphic Design and Music. I’m influenced by Surrealism and the other Modern “schools” like Suprematism “a free art practical purposes and committed to pure visuality plastic.”
Malevich also speaks of “realism”, argues there … behind the visible world another world, a kind of fourth dimension beyond the three to which the human senses have access, that “no objective world” referred to a higher order relationship between the phenomena – sort of “spiritual energy Abstract” – which is invisible but no less real. ”

To the Compose new readings of objects or scenes now common to today’s look, and create aesthetic beauty, I do cut That abstracts the “canonical information” photography Appropriate by channels of communication, and commercial production systems, Which are the tentacles of capitalism to strengthen the domination of Human Being and Maintain the system.

Ordilei Caldeira


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