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Eastern Meadowlark singing

Image of an Eastern Meadowlark singing, facing camera on fencepost

Smooth-Billed Ani

Image of a Smooth-Billed Ani perched on a low leafy shrub

Brown Pelicans

A close image of a Brown Pelican flying low over water with wingtip almost touching water

Female Northern BobWhite

A Female BobWhite Quail under a palm tree in Florida.

Female Hooded Merganser taking off in flight

Female Hooded Merganser taking off in flight from wetlands water, water droplets visible around feet and tail. Duck is surrounded by reeds.

Wallace Weeks Photography

A Travel Photographer The objective of the images that Wallace Weeks creates is to ignite emotions. Creating images that spark a sense of serenity, curiosity, marvel or desire are special to Wallace because he feels it first. Wallace says “If that was not enough, experiencing different cultures of the world while creating my images makes […]

Brown Pelican Portrait

A close view of a beautiful Brown Pelican against a blue sky and water

Coming in for a Landing

Close view of an American White pelican coming in for a landing on the water with feet out in front

Blue-Crowned Parakeets

Two images of very colorful Blue-Crowned Parakeets. One is a pair, snuggling and one image is a blue=crowned parakeet perched on a tree.

My First Barred Owl Sighting

A large Barred Owl in flight landing in a tree with wings outstretched and feet out in front

Swallow-Tailed “Stealth”

A Swallow-Tailed Kite soaring by against blue sky

Huge Waterbird!

A Brown Pelican in breeding colors in flight

The Osprey

An Osprey in flight after diving for fish and missing it’s prey

What am I going to do with this fish?

Great Blue Heron with a very large fish impaled on it’s beak

Florida Residential Canal

Residential canal in Florida created by the pump and fill method of construction

Lake Placid Florida Clowns

clown paintings in Lake Placid Florida

Torreya Park Stone Bridge

Torreya Park Stone Bridge

Painted Bunting

A brightly colored male painted bunting perched on the ground with a seed in it’s beak.

Memorial to Fallen Confederate Soldiers

Memorial to Confederate soldiers

War Memorial in Okechobee Florida

the flags at the war memorial in Okeechobee Florida.

Instagram Opens A Window To Creativity

A story of how Instagram photos taken with an iphone became a creative outlet for a photographer

Black-Necked Stilts

The Black-Necked Stilt is a strikingly beautiful black and white bird with unusually long bright pink legs and crimson colored eyes. These birds are waders with very long slender bills. Their habitat is typically mud flats, shallow pools and grassy marshes. They summer in the southern most United States and winter south of the United […]

Cleaning Up

Two county trucks drive opposite directions down Chaires Cross Road, which was flooded by Tropical Storm Faye. The road was closed to public traffic, but the larger county trucks were tall enough to drive through the water and not stall out. Trudie Bell Website License this image Contact


Beach chairs, umbrellas, water and a sugar sand beach just waiting for the fun to begin. Grayton Beach in the Florida panhandle is a great place to relax and enjoy the beach. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact