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Pink striped Geranium

pink striped geranium

Short film about the life in a Swedish summer meadow

Short film over animals living in a flowering summer meadow: Insects and birds feeding on the plants and a roe deer doe nursing her two fawns.

Adult Grasshopper and his Shadow

Adult green grasshopper

Low Flying Hot Air Balloon

A low flying balloon glides past to adventure.

Leaving the Garden

Recent horizontal color photograph of a sunflower found in a local garden. Photography by Steven Edson fine art photographer Boston MA,

More Wind Surfing on the Banana River

wind surfing on the Banana River

Green and Pink Petunias

pink and green petunias with the stamen and pistils clearly visible.

Beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) looming high

Vertical panoramic photograph of a high towering beech tree in spring.

Dew drop on grass

Close up photograph of a dew drop glittering on blades of grass glittering in the soft morning light.

Insect Bar

Insects eating wilted rose of sharon petals

Resting Dragonfly

dragonfly resting on lily buds

Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise flower

Vines on Wall Create Fractal Patterns

vine climbing a wall creates fractal patterns and increasingly dense coverage of the wall

Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea, serving Breakfast to a Skipper

Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea, serving Breakfast to a Skipper

Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea

Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea, in bloom

Deer Lichen Reproducing

Deer lichen, Cladonia sp, fruiting

Bees in paradise

honey been in a bird of paradise flower

Beauty in a Series

bird of paradise flower, Strelitzia, sp.

New York Brazilian Day 2012

2012 Brazilian Day Festival in New York

The Way Sod Should Be Carried

enclosed sod truck

Spring Feast

honeybee on a red clover blossom

Vibrant green palm leaf abstract

Abstract image of a vibrant green palm leaf with emphasis on color, and strong diagonal leading lines. Simple composition.

Green Tomatoes

heirloom green tomatoes ripening on the vine

Muhley Grass

Muhley grass in bloom