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Summer Thunderstorm Clouds

Summer thunderstorm clouds

More Wind Surfing on the Banana River

wind surfing on the Banana River

Pipe Corrosion Landscapes

Rugged landscape created by pipe corrosion over water.

Laughing Gull in Winter Plumage

laughing gull in winter plumage

Bromiliad Blossoms

bromilliad blossom

Deer Lichen Reproducing

Deer lichen, Cladonia sp, fruiting

Bromiliad in Bloom

Bromiliad in bloom

Woodstork on a Stroll

Wood stork, Mycteria americana, walking

Checking out the Urban Scene

A great blue heron checks out the urban scene.

Storm Companions

A severe winter storm drove the herons, wood storks and egrets into the Florida panhandle. They are hanging out together waiting for better weather. It is uncommon to see the wood storks rubbing wings with the herons and egrets, since the herons and egrets are sight hunters and the storks hunt by feel. TrudieBell Website […]

Slim, the Urban Bird

Slim was a great blue heron, who came to my inlaw’s for breakfast every morning for over 10 years. If my mother-in-law did not come out immediately, he would slowly stride up and look in the windows until he found her. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact