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Spring Feast

honeybee on a cherry blossom

Adult Grasshopper and his Shadow

Adult green grasshopper

Bees and Wasps Dining on Pears

wasps and bees eating pears

Spring Snacking

honey bee snacking at a cherry blossom

Hover Fly

Hover Fly

Insect Eggs on a Branch

Insect eggs on a branch


cicadid on a branch

Resting Dragonfly

dragonfly resting on lily buds

Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea, serving Breakfast to a Skipper

Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea, serving Breakfast to a Skipper

Bumble Bee on a Blue Hydrangea

Bumble bee on a hydrangea bloom

Bees in paradise

honey been in a bird of paradise flower

Brown Wasp

Brown wasp, Polistes fuscatus, chewing on wood and with a nest and eggs.

Oak Galls – With and Without Tenants

oak galls before and after the insects leave.

Gnat resting on grass stalks in front of a gurgling brook.

Close up of a midge resting on blades of grass.

Honey bee gathering pollen

Photography of a honey bee gathering pollen from apple blossoms in spring.

Yellow and black wasp up close

Image of a yellow and black wasp from behind as it forages nectar from a flower. Very shallow depth of field with the focus on the rear and wings. Slight texture applied to image. Vibrant colors Anya Brewley  Schultheiss Website License this image Contact


The dragonfly lives up to its name. During its immature stages, it is a predator in the water. As an adult, it is a predator of the air, who loves mosquitoes. In the evening, you can watch them darting and swooping through the air after their prey. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact […]

Handsome Meadow Katydid, Orchelimum pulchellum

The bright colors on this katydid caught my eye. It is indeed a handsome, as well as having a loud song. TrudieBell Website License this image Contact

Young Preying Mantis

Each job I do, changes my view of the world in one way or another. When you are measuring tree diameter breast high, you get to see the small creatures that live on trees. If I hadn’t been hugging his tree, I never would have seen this baby preying mantis. TrudieBell Website License this […]