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Sunlite Bird of Paradise Leaves

Bird of Paradise leaves dance in the sunlight.

Beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) looming high

Vertical panoramic photograph of a high towering beech tree in spring.

Spring Red Maple Leaves

New red maple leaves in the spring.

Dancing autumn leaves

Photograph of yellow maple leaves dancing in the autumn wind.

First autumn ice

Photograph of ice forming in a whitewater river in autumn.

Coleous Color

coleous leaves and flower

Vibrant red leaved tree on the beach in the Virgin Islands

Image of a beautiful ocean side tree with vibrant red leaves against a blue ocean background. Golden sand and white waves roll onto the shore. Prints for sale

Hidden waterfall

A photography of a river cascading through a dense forest in the Ardennes, Belgium.

Fresh birch leaves (Betula sp.) on a fine spring day

Photography of a fresh and new birch leaf glowing green in the sun.

Glowing wood anemone

Photograph of a wood anemone glowing in a ray of sunlight.


Stock photo of a Stevia plant, rebaudiana bertoni, native to South America. Stevia can be used as a natural sweetener without added calories.