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Crazy Lighs – Contemporary Abstraction

Contemporary photogrph of Ordi Calder, on Underlies Colored lights at night and overlapping patterns that repeat and transit psychedelic and surreal atmosphere.

Old Cars by Ordi Calder: design and poetry

Old Cars. The beauty of the old forms, the poetry of the time course … Old cars always found by chance along the way. Some in good condition, others not!

Abstract: The Alternative Eye of Ordi Calder

Abstract and conceptual photograph of Ordi Calder, Selected Award Photographer, from Brazil. Influenced by poetic and esotericism, he photograph since 2001

Fine Art Photograph: Seascapes and Waterscapes from Brazil

Fine Art Photograph: Seascapes and Waterscapes from Cabo Frio, Búzios and Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Limited Edition by Ordi Calder, 32 years