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Its Safer Underwater!

An image of an Atlantic Puffin, landing with a battered right foot

Common Puffin

An Atlantic or Common Puffin in flight in breeding colors with wings out facing camera

Arctic Tern Chicks

Two images of two different downy Arctic Tern Chicks walking around on rocks at Machias Seal Island.

Northern Gannet

A Northern Gannet flying low over the North Atlantic Ocean from Machias Seal Island

Puffin with mouthful of fish and crustaceans

Atlantic Puffin just landed from fishing in the ocean with a mouthful of fish and crustaceans to feed young

Thin-Billed Murre with fish

A Bridled form of Thin-Billed Murre with wings outstretched perched on a rock with a fish in it’s beak.