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Fatal Zebra Crossing i

Zebra crossing over mara river in masai mara in kenya with crocodile kill.

Skimmer Male Being Naughty

lion mating on duba plains in okavango delta in botswana

Travel Memories 2008: On Safari in Arica – Day 1

Travel memories from a photo safari through several national parks in Kenya.

Photo Safari in the Serengeti: A Day with Lions

A day on a photo safari can be an exceptional experience when a pride of lion tries to hunt and fails and eventually even gets chased away by elephants.

Photography Genre Philosophy

Philosophy and photography, a highly interesting combination with great applications in personal and business life.

How to photograph leopards

Quantum Physics and leopard photography, an approach to photography.

The Mourning of a Lioness

During a photo safari in the Masai Mara was a lioness spotted with her dead cub. A heart breaking sighting and magical as well.

How to Successfully Photograph Birds

Photographer tips to successfully photograph birds. They are very fast animals and one ends up often with the picture of branch without bird.