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Tell A Story! “Because there is always a different depiction”- This is the tagline of Her “Artist’s statement” reads: “Depiction is- meaning conveyed through pictures. And when these depictions come from a photographer’s lens, they are lensdepictions! The beauty of photography as an art is, every depiction is different from the last one on […]

Stories that need to be told

Travel & culture photography. Hi my name is Benjamin Hiller.I was born in 1982 into a German-American family and was raised with a humanistic and cosmopolitan world-view. I have specialized in conflict photojournalism as well as in people/corporate photography. I studied visual anthropology at the Heidelberg University and afterwards absolved a professional trade school for […]

Season of the Red-tailed Hawk

Notice of new collection of photographs of a Red-tailed Hawk family in their nest.

When bad weather is good

Blog post excerpt about photography considerations and techniques when bad weather becomes good weather.

Edoardo Lucci

Edoardo Lucci photographer

More about Ecuador

Alert for and photos from a Pronghorn Wildlife Photography blog post about travel and photography in Ecuador experienced by Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball

Hummingbirds of Summer

Photographing hummingbirds in Colorado during the summer

Wildlife Spectacles

A blog posting excerpt and photographs about and of Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico.

The Amazon, Lungs of the World

An short description of travel to the Amazon in Ecuador and a picture of a Saki Monkey.

A laughing fox

Portrait of a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) in winter coming close to the camera, available for prints, licensing and as footage.

Leaving the Garden

Recent horizontal color photograph of a sunflower found in a local garden. Photography by Steven Edson fine art photographer Boston MA,

Bison at Risk

Photograph of bison grazing below a rainbow and reference to our blog post and a new book about the demise of the buffalo of Yellowstone National Park.

Cape Cross Fur Seals Slaughtered For Their Fur!

Fur seal cub drinking from it’s mother. Every year, around 85000 seals are being slaughtered for their fur in Namibia/Africa.

Think Spring!

Pronghorn baby and green grass photos in collection of wildlife and landscape images found in the photographic archives of Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball

Pronghorn Wildlife Photography

Pictures and comments about photographing birds in Panama, reading more about travel there as well as viewing more photos of Panama’s wildlife on our web sites.

Getting into Ruts

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep rams photographed during the breeding season rut along the Arkansas River in Colorado

Lions in Winter

Mountain Lion cubs found and photographed at their hiding place while mother is hunting in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near photographer’s home in Colorado

Panamanian Golden Frog

Panamanian Golden Frog photographic image and description of photo collection from Panama.


Priorities for better portrait photography.

Limited Editions

Commentary on fine art photography, limited editions.

Reflections As Collages

Creative window reflections for photography and fine art imaging.

Rainy Season in Panama

Preview article with photographic images of Pronghorn Run blog post about wildlife and using the new Nikon D800 to photograph nature in Panama

Rainy Season iin Panama

Preview article with photographic images of Pronghorn Run blog post about wildlife and using the new Nikon D800 to photograph nature in Panama

Selected Award – FIAP 14º CHINA International Art Exhibition

Accepted Award – FIAP 14º China International Art Exihbition – 2011. contest (Ordi Calder was the only Brazilian photographer selected for the exhibition). Phot