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Old-timer Plymouth at a gasstation

This image depicting an old-time Plymouth at a rural gas station brings to mind warm memories of warm summer nights. It brings to mind the music of Bruce Springsteen. It creates a powerful connection between ourselves and our memories. At the same time, the scene is simply an engaging one. It is a beautiful car […]

Cheetah Hunting During The African Night

One thing is for certain: This cheetah is very much in control of the moment, regardless of the prey he has found on this warm African night. African is a massive continent, but this scene brings the many nations to a very specific moment. This cheetah is dedicated to its task, but it also doesn’t […]

Adult Grasshopper and his Shadow

Adult green grasshopper

Low Flying Hot Air Balloon

A low flying balloon glides past to adventure.

Independence Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon in red, white and blue

Basket Patterns

Intricate basket patterms

Cypress in Fall Finery

reflection of cypress in fall colors

More Wind Surfing on the Banana River

wind surfing on the Banana River

Balsam pear

Balsam pear, Momordica balsamina, fruit and seeds

Spring Red Maple Leaves

New red maple leaves in the spring.

Resting Dragonfly

dragonfly resting on lily buds

Happy New Year!

Tribute to the new year and photography

Fishing port in Henningsvaer

Panoramic photograph of the fishing port of Henningsvaer on Lofoten in Norway.

Red trawler moored in Henningsvaer on Lofoten

Photograph of a red and white fishing boat that is reflected in the calm water of the harbor in Henningsver on Lofoten in Norway.

Columbus Day Parade 2012

68th Annual Columbus Day Parade in New York

White Ibis, Eudocimus albus, Feeding

White Ibis, Eudocimus albus, Feeding in breeding season colors

Coleous Color

coleous leaves and flower

White Ibis

white ibis, Eudocimus albus

Jumping Spider

Bright red and black jumping spider

Looking for Lunch

The little blue heron, Egretta caerulea, is looking for lunch, while a pair of common gallinule, Gallinula chloropus, look on

Swedish summer night

Photography of a summer meadow basking in the red light of a summer night in northern Sweden.

Spring Feast

honeybee on a red clover blossom

Vibrant red leaved tree on the beach in the Virgin Islands

Image of a beautiful ocean side tree with vibrant red leaves against a blue ocean background. Golden sand and white waves roll onto the shore. Prints for sale

Red pipes and blue dot

Fine art print for sale of a vibrant red pipe with a blue dot in the center. Simple minimal composition with emphasis on color, texture and geometric shapes.