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Beautiful autumn evening at lake Myckelgensjösjön in northern Sweden

Photographs taken at a Swedish lake at sunset. It’s autumn and the golden sun is reflected on the water, reeds are growing at the shore. Peaceful and beautiful.

Photography’s Fringe Benefits

Eccentric people one meets while photographing

Bananas on a store ledge at Carrot Bay

Image of several bunches of bananas for sale on a simple rural store ledge at Carrot Bay in the British Virgin Islands. Images for sale or licensing.

Old Rusted truck

I happened upon this old rusted truck outside an abandoned saw mill in the rural mountains of West Virginia. Bull dozers, old steam engines and World War II military trucks and the crumbling building told the story of a hardscrabble business of days gone by. The lighting was very difficult because it was a cloudy […]

Red Barn in West Virginia with model of man on ladder

Doesn’t this just make you want to take an autumn photographic trip to West Virginia?  This scene is outside Sharp’s Country store in Slatyfork, West Virginia. The bright colors of the fall leaves make a nice backdrop don’t you think, especially juxtaposed against the bright blue sky and red barn? I used a 24-70 lens at […]