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Sandhill Cranes

An image of an Adult Sandhill Crane in flight with wings in downstroke against blue sky

Pileated Woodpecker

An image of a Female Pileated Woodpecker clinging to a tree in dense forest

Serenade in the Driveway

A close image of a Carolina Wren perched on a driveway with beak open singing

Flapping Female Wood Duck

An image of a Female Wood Duck flapping her wings in a pond with wings together in front of the duck as if conducting an orchestra

Its Safer Underwater!

An image of an Atlantic Puffin, landing with a battered right foot

“Sea Parrot”

An image of an Atlantic Puffin also known as the “Sea Parrot” landing with wings aloft on rocks at Machias Seal Island

Atlantic Puffin with fish

An image of an Atlantic Puffin with fish in beak headed to its burrow to feed its chick.

Lesser Scaup

An image of a Male Lesser Scaup standing up in water flapping wings.


An image of a Male Canvasback Duck flapping his wings with feathers and water flying everywhere. The male canvasback is in breeding colors.

Green-Winged Teal

Image of a male Green-Winged Teal in breeding colors swimming

Male Belted Kingfisher

Image of a Male Belted Kingfisher taking off vertically in flight

Crested Caracara

An image of an adult Crested Caracara that has just landed on a bare branch, scanning the ground for prey.

American Kestrel

Female American Kestrel perched on a bare branch scanning the ground for prey.

Green Jay

Image of a Green Jay perched on a stump surrounded by pencil cactus with red fruit

Female Northern BobWhite

A Female BobWhite Quail under a palm tree in Florida.

Northern BobWhite Quail

Image of a Male Northern BobWhite Quail running along a dirt path

Duckweed and Green Herons

An image of a Green Heron landing in a yellow and green Duckweed covered pond


Two images of Common Goldeneye, Female goldeneye is standing up flapping wings and Male Goldeneye is splashing and flapping in water

Hooded Merganser

A close image of a Male Hooded Merganser standing upright in water, flapping wings.

Wilson’s Snipe

Two images of a Wilson’s Snipe standing in marsh in the rain, both with reflections visible

Anhinga with fish

Image of an Anhinga in the water with a large fish impaled on it’s lower beak.

Mama Mallard

One image is a Female Mallard flapping with downy ducklings under her. The second image is of a Female Mallard swimming with eight baby ducklings.

American Avocet

Image of a pair of adult breeding American Avocets in flight across a shallow pond.

The Northern Pintail

Two images of Male Northern Pintail. One image of the duck is in flight against a blue sky and the other image the Pintail is swimming in water.