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Small scale wind turbine

Photograph of a blockhouse with a small wind turbine.

Sunset over the snow-capped peaks of the Alps in Vinschgau, South Tyrol, Italy.

Photography of snow-capped mountains in the Alps at sunset.

Sunrise at Calm Sea and Pink Sky

Dawn at sea with the pink sky on the coast of Cabo Frio. Alone amid the ocean, a small boat and fisherman in the background, several islands creates forms on th

A couple of Arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea) feeding each other

Photography of a couple of Arctic terns feeding each other.

Plants reaching for the moon at twilight

Simple image of tall stalks of plants towering and reaching towards the sky and the moon. Beautiful blue sky and wispy clouds at twilight. Vibrant color.

Going at a different pace

Travel photography featuring a village at the Swedish High Coast.

River of Colors

Ordi Calder Fine Art Photographer Conceptual, Corporate, Landscape. Two works conceptual “Selected Award-FIAP” 2011. Underlies is the name of your poetic photo

River of Colors

Landscapes or waterscapes from Brazil by Ordi Calder, Fine Art Photographer influenced by Surrealism, Esotericism and Psychedelic. Two “FIAP – Selected Award”

The sky reflected in a blockhouse window

Photo of a traditional Swedish blockhouse, with a handblown window reflecting the sky.

St. Marks Lighthouse

The St. Marks Lighthouse is located south of Tallahassee, Florida in the St. Marks Wildlife Preserve. The lighthouse is a scenic spot and the preserve is wonderful bird watching area. Trudie Bell Website License this picture Contact

Sky at Sea

I was watching the clouds on a cruise when the sun broke through in one area to illuminate the sea. Trudie Bell Website Buy this image Contact

Silhouetted yachts and the sun’s rays.

Image of three yachts on the water at Cane Graden Bay , Virgin Islands The day was especially overcast but close to sunset the sun’s rays fought through the clouds to shine down on the yachts below. Anya Brew Website License this image Contact

Strolling on Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach is one the sugar sand beaches along the panhandle of Florida. It is a good place for quiet stroll. Trudie Bell Website Buy this picture Contact


Perfect Calm at Trunk Bay, British Virgin Islands I live on an island where the hills and roads sometime worry even those who are accustomed to them. On one sunny afternoon my husband decided to take me for a little drive down one particularly bad dirt road. It was pitted and dangerously washed out by […]