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‘Child Seat’ (Titmouse Fledgling)

Buy this picture I recently found out my “Child Seat” image of this baby titmouse will be the ‘Final Frame’ shot in the 2013 April/May issue of National Wildlife Magazine. When I took this shot the baby was clumsily bopping around, so I had to keep my shutter-speed up. Still remember its awkward movements, it […]

Dew drop on grass

Close up photograph of a dew drop glittering on blades of grass glittering in the soft morning light.

Small scale wind turbine

Photograph of a blockhouse with a small wind turbine.

Pink Primrose

Evening primrose, Oenothera berlandieri, in bloom

Bank Vole gathering seeds for the winter

Still image of a HD 1080 footage clip showing a Bank Vole harvesting lupine seeds.

Jumping Spider

Bright red and black jumping spider

Gnat resting on grass stalks in front of a gurgling brook.

Close up of a midge resting on blades of grass.

Young Arctic hare sitting on a freshly mowed meadow in spring

Photo of a young Arctic hare (Lepus timidus) sitting in a freshly mowed meadow in spring.

Blue Curls, Trichostema dichotomum

The blue curl flower is a bright blue with an unusual structure that is found on a small common herb in the southeastern United States.