Avalon Light Photoart

by Richard Winn

Avalon Light Photoart was founded in October 2009, by Richard Winn. Richard is a part time photographer, based in Somerset, in the south west of England, not far from the large city of Bristol and close to the opportunities of the Somerset Levels and uplands, such as Exmoor and the Quantock Hills. Early on, I recognised that setting up a website from scratch was very time consuming, so I decided to use Photoshelter and their tailored templates, designed with photographers in mind. This also took the risk out of running an e-commerce website, with any security being handled by people who know how to protect customers.
I am based in Bridgwater and my full contact details can be found on the Contact page on the main website (http://ps.avalonlightphotoart.co.uk). I specialise in nature photography, but this covers a wide range of subjects. Choice of wildlife subjects range from macro photographs of tiny insects, through to large mammals such as red deer and bottlenose dolphins. I also specialise in micro landscapes and natural textures and abstracts, not to mention wide open landscapes. A number of photographs are now available, from my local area of Somerset and Devon and from the Scottish Highlands, where I often feel more at home. Also, being based in Bridgwater makes me ideally placed to document the annual Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, probably the largest illuminated carnival in the world.
My main target customers are individuals looking for fine art nature photography. However, my work is also available for immediate download, either for personal (including charitable) use or as a commercial product (mostly as Rights Managed licences). Most photographs are available as prints and downloads, but there are some exceptions, which are stated in the image description. I print all my own products on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, this is currently on either Fine Art Pearl (a semi-glossy paper) or Fine Art Baryta (glossy), depending on the image. Both of these papers are heavyweight, in excess of 300gms. If anyone is interested in a matt print, then I would outsource this printing to the Print Yours, a company who tailor printing to individual images. Self-printing allows me more control over the quality of the final product and from testing Print Yours, I find that the quality is as good as what I can offer, with only slightly higher cost. Exact pricing is available during the order process, but the basic price structure is as follows:
A3 Print: £25.99 (+P&P)
A4 Print: £16.99 (+P&P)
7x5” Print: £2.49 (+P&P)
Personal Use Digital Download Licence: £12.99 (original size; lower resolution images may also be available at reduced cost)
Commercial licence: According to usage
In the Spring of 2011, I published a book titled “A Journey with Nature”, based on my experiences while exploring the natural world. This was self-published through Blurb in two different formats; one containing text only in a pocket format and one in a larger format, illustrated with photographs relating to the text. It is now also available in electronic form from Amazon’s Kindle site.
I have found that social media has offered me little benefit so far, but I do have a Facebook fan site. Recent news can be found there, on my personal Facebook page and on my blog, where I also have some photography articles. Hopefully, these outlets will offer not only portals to expand my business in the future, but also a conduit to express my vision. I feel that to progress in any art form, you have to experiment. It is only by experimentation that you explore new ideas and develop your own identity. This is no different for photographers, particularly those who aim for a more artistic style. I am always striving for something a little different, I don’t always succeed of course, but each time I experiment, it makes the chances of being different more likely and strengthens my individual style.
The featured picture came about as a result of this experimentation. I’d wanted to experiment with narrow depth of field, using selective focusing for around 12-18 months and had practiced with some larger subjects, but it was a while before I found a suitable subject in a situation where photography was possible last autumn. The subject itself was a small juvenile of the common toad (Bufo bufo), less than two inches or five centimetres long. I tried a couple of side on compositions, before moving to the front, with slightly more depth of field. I then concentrated on focusing on the two prominent eyes, throwing the background and rest of the toad out of focus. The in focus bits of moss then helped to frame the subject, with the colours from the rest of the moss giving a nice smooth, colourful background. I have set this as a limited edition print, priced at £34.99 for an unmounted A3 print on Fine Art Pearl, but it is also available mounted and as a matt print at additional cost. It can be found in the Reptiles and Amphibians gallery.




Ryan Learoyd | Shutter Go.. Click Photography

Yorkshire Based Fine Art Photography

Work-Files-2011-10-15-1102-Copyright-©Ryan-LearoydRyan Learoyd is the man behind Shutter Go.. Click and a photographer based from Leeds in the UK. Specialising in travel, nature, commercial, leisure, music, performance, film production and stock photography, he is available for assignments throughout the UK with a focus within the Yorkshire area. For more of his work and the stories behind the images, be part part of the inspiration and Visit Shutter Go.. Click.

My love of photography has always existed and my adoration of the still image is merely an extension of my passion for film. I was around 17 when I was sat in my Media Studies lessons utterly engrossed with the theories surrounding every facet of our lives. It gave me the ability to understand the meaning behind film and the media as a whole. It gripped me by the balls like Neo seeing the Matrix for the first time. My fascination with the moving image started with these moments of inspiration.

From here I went onto university to study a BA in Film and Televison Production. These 3 years taught me a lot about myself as well as how I wanted to express myself creatively. If anything, uni put me off from wanting a career in the industry. We were constantly bombarded with the fact that there were no jobs, and that making it in such a competitive environment was nearing the impossible. Not exactly the advice you want to hear when you've acquired just over 14,000 pounds in student loans.

I started taking images at university with a Sony Compact, purchased with the good old student overdraft. I followed timelines of productions from pre to post with stills. Crew shots became almost as much of a delight as filming. When directing I could take images which portrayed my pre-visualisations. I could use lighting rigs to connote meaning in my subjects. There was something incredible about capturing that moment of time in a single frame. It would help me to create my films and express their intended messages through another creative medium.

I now specialise in not having a speciality, I will point my camera at anything and everything that will stimulate the senses. I am a published writer/photographer and have appeared in both print and online publications. Much of my writing and photography can be found on My Blog.




Chris Bidleman Photography

That Tree in Fall in the Portland Japanese Garden
Chris Bidleman

Chris Bidleman Photography Headshot B&W The nature of artists is to explore the world around them, see things differently, and to constantly learn more about their craft and about themselves. I am both a photographer as well as a musician and I seek out new ways to combine both the performing arts as well as visual arts. By reaching out and networking to other photographers and people who appreciate art, I hope to learn a few things and hopefully I can also share what I have learned along my artistic journey.

I look forward sharing my nature, landscape, travel and wildlife photography with others that we can connect with through Photographers Selection.
800 NE Tenney Rd Ste 110
Vancouver, WA 98685
United States
Animals / Wildlife

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Dave Welling

Wildlife and nature photographer

Hello. My name is Dave Welling

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by wildlife and the natural world and began using a camera to capture those unique moments when wild animals do something spectacular or the light on a landscape takes your breath away. With that background I became a professional wildlife and nature photographer in the early 1990’s. I now concentrate on the western and southwestern United States for both landscape and wildlife subjects. I also have image coverage from Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and east Africa. Each year I donate a portion of my earnings to wildlife rescue facilities and wildlife and habitat conservation and protection organizations. Our wildlife and natural habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate and these organizations help to raise our consciousness about endangered wildlife and ecosystems.

I have over 67,000 stock images available for licensing. I have been published in numerous books, calendars, and magazines, as note cards and in a variety of other print and web/Internet media. Past clients include
Magazines: National Geographic Adventure, Kids, Explorer and Travel; National Wildlife's Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard; Nature's Best; Outdoor Photographer; BirdWatching; Living Bird; Natural History
Calendars/Notecards: Audubon; Barnes & Noble; COMDA; Inner Reflections; National Wildlife; Northword Press; Palm Press; PlanetZoo; Pomegranate Communications; Sierra; World Wildlife Fund
Books: National Geographic; Capstone; Farcountry Press; Grand Canyon Association; Prentice Hall; Voyageurs' Press; Cowles Creative; Holt Reinhart; Houghton Mifflin; Prentice Hall; Trident Press; Rio Nuevo Publications; Tyndale House

My photographic awards include numerous first place and honorable mention awards in BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, National Wildlife and Nature's Best photo contests.

My latest book, SANCTUARY, is now available. It is a coffee table photo book of images and stories of some of the 70,000 wild animals rescued by a major, local wildlife rescue and care facility that I have been involved with for over 25 years. You can view this 120 page book here:

I am also the major image contributor for the book, A TEXAS WILDLIFE PORTFOLIO, by Farcountry Press. You can view that book here:

I also write photo/text articles for magazines. For an example please see MY LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY ARTICLE IN THE APRIL, 2011 ISSUE OF OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER.

I am a charter member of the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) and a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). In addition to licensing my work directly to clients I am also represented by the following stock agencies: Animals Animals/Earth Scenes, Nature Picture Library, Jaynes Gallery/Danita Dellimont and Photo24. I am also available for nature, wildlife or environmentally oriented assignment work.

Many of my wildlife and nature/landscape images are available as fine art prints through my e-commerce web site on MY FINE ART AMERICAPRINT WEBSITE.

You may purchase open edition fine art prints of these images on MY FINE ART AMERICA E-COMMERCE SITE.

I have two stock licensing web sites:
www.strikingnatureimagesbydavewelling.com with over 3.800 images,
and www.agpix.com/davewelling
with almost 5,000 images.
All images on both sites have extensive key wording and complete location information; wildlife images include complete common and Latin names.
Please visit my web sites listed above and follow me on Google+

Thank you for visiting my web sites.

67,000 stock images available for licensing

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Dieter Wahr

DSC_1394-flash Hello Everyone, I'm Dieter and it's my passion create and run DW-EquinePhotography.
I think.....today, every buddy deserve a quality and originality picture.
Thank you and enjoy watching my websites
236 Place Bruyere
Mont St Hilaire j3h 4r5
Special effects
Animals / Wildlife

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Barbara O’Brien Photography

Barbara O'Brien

Barbara-OBrien-PhotoTN1022 I am an Wisconsin, USA, based pet, animal and rural lifestyle commercial photographer serving the advertising, editorial and publishing industries. I also have an extensive stock library featuring many breeds of dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals both in studio and lifestyle scenarios. Recent clients include Purina, Pfizer, Iams, Target and 3M.
N616 130th Street Stockholm
54769United States
Animals / Wildlife

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Barbara Magnuson & Larry Kimball Nature & Wildlife Photography

Rocky Mt. Elk [Cervus elaphus]
Light & Substance

Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth [Bradypus variegatus]"We are first and foremost nature photographers. We are not specialists in that we tend to capture images of what interests us, inspires us and surprises us, macros to landscapes, behavior to portraits and all of the wild. As a husband and wife team we collaborate of course but retain our own individual vision.

Our market has been the print media, calendars, books and magazines but we also produce custom prints here at home and use Imagekind.com, ArtFlakes.com, Photoshelter and AGPix.com to widen our audience. Several photo agencies represent our work worldwide and give us access to markets of which we would never have been aware.

Writing the occasional article also opens markets for our photo images. We prefer writing about locations or specific critters as opposed to technical information.

We hope our images and words promote an understanding of and more reverence for the natural world and our wild brethren.

Come to our website, view our images, read our blog and don't hesitate to send us your comments, observations, requests or questions. We'd love to hear from you! "


Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball

1467 Red Feather Rd
Cotopaxi, Colorado USA




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Aleksandr Stikhin

Photography has been my passion for decades. It gives us reflection of the past. As soon as the shutter closes, capturing the moment, it becomes your voice, your unique point of view of reality. Of course, every person's view is different. Some simply collect events and objects, without even bothering with lighting; others mind the dynamic between light and shadow and make it a focal point. I am drawn to the latter approach.

In the era of technological advancement, it is rather humbling to look back and reflect on what being a photographer meant in the past. I still remember my first roll of film and the challenges I faced with it in a dark room. The horizon was not horizontal, all vertical lines were far from being vertical, people were walking on walls, water was running up. Now, with the help of computers, scanners and PS, Apertura, Capture, photography is a changed discipline. No more chemical smell, no more white spots, no more fiddling with fingerprints... Everything has gotten easier. And more complicated.

Nowadays everyone has access to a computer and, by changing various parameters, can turn any photograph into a work of Dali or Renoir. I refuse to partake of these techniques. I still want my horizon to be horizontal, vertical lines to be vertical, and water following the laws of gravity. Thus, in my work I only use basic functions and never resort to plugins and filters of any kind. White must stay white, and black must stay black. After all, it is the magic of real light, the beauty of natural colors and the balance of actual composition compel us to take a camera and make a shot.

about the picture: Moscow, 2011. This photograph is not cured. Therefore you will not see the golden domes of Kremlin, blue sky, and its blue-ish reflection in the Moscow River. Just the contours of Kremlin and the cathedral, the riverbank and an empty road along the Kremlin wall. I believe this is still the best photograph of Moscow I have ever made.

Aleksandr Stikhin

601, 79-th Street, Apt. F12, Brooklyn, NY 11209 USA
917 257 3151
917 257 2717

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Wight Pixels – UK Stock Photography

Unique Lifestyle Photography

Jason Swain

An extensive collection of stunning Rights Managed (RM) and Royalty Free (RF) Stock Photography images of Great Britain available for licensing and immediate download.

Whatever your Great Britain Stock Photography requirements, whether you need images for your website, book cover, magazine article, news feature, corporate brochure, exhibition stand, internal presentation or global press release, we have a stunning collection of model-released images ready for immediate use.

You can license these images now directly through jasonswain.co.uk or please feel free to contact me via email photo@jasonswain.co.uk or call on 0787 203 9384 to discuss how we can help with your stock photography needs.

With an impressive list of international clients, you can rest assured that you will be in good company when you choose from our Stock library.

Jason Swain

Blog and/or Portfolio


Totland Bay PO39 0EU
United Kingdom