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Work-Files-2011-10-15-1102-Copyright-©Ryan-LearoydRyan Learoyd is the man behind Shutter Go.. Click and a photographer based from Leeds in the UK. Specialising in travel, nature, commercial, leisure, music, performance, film production and stock photography, he is available for assignments throughout the UK with a focus within the Yorkshire area. For more of his work and the stories behind the images, be part part of the inspiration and Visit Shutter Go.. Click.

My love of photography has always existed and my adoration of the still image is merely an extension of my passion for film. I was around 17 when I was sat in my Media Studies lessons utterly engrossed with the theories surrounding every facet of our lives. It gave me the ability to understand the meaning behind film and the media as a whole. It gripped me by the balls like Neo seeing the Matrix for the first time. My fascination with the moving image started with these moments of inspiration.

From here I went onto university to study a BA in Film and Televison Production. These 3 years taught me a lot about myself as well as how I wanted to express myself creatively. If anything, uni put me off from wanting a career in the industry. We were constantly bombarded with the fact that there were no jobs, and that making it in such a competitive environment was nearing the impossible. Not exactly the advice you want to hear when you've acquired just over 14,000 pounds in student loans.

I started taking images at university with a Sony Compact, purchased with the good old student overdraft. I followed timelines of productions from pre to post with stills. Crew shots became almost as much of a delight as filming. When directing I could take images which portrayed my pre-visualisations. I could use lighting rigs to connote meaning in my subjects. There was something incredible about capturing that moment of time in a single frame. It would help me to create my films and express their intended messages through another creative medium.

I now specialise in not having a speciality, I will point my camera at anything and everything that will stimulate the senses. I am a published writer/photographer and have appeared in both print and online publications. Much of my writing and photography can be found on My Blog.




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IMG_0698Radio presenter by day, photographer, mountaineer and off-road driver all other time.
Born in Moscow in 1971, Michael first took a camera - an ancient Russian "Smena-8" - in his hands at the age of 11.
With the advent of digital cameras the equipment has changed but his prime area of photographic interest remained the same: the beauty of nature. Sometimes bright and uplifting, sometimes dark and somewhat depressing, but always thought-provoking and beautiful.
Having moved to the UK in 1995 Michael has discovered Wales a few years later and fell in love with it immediately. These days, when not busy working for the BBC World Service, almost every weekend he can be found in the mountains of Snowdonia or on back roads in Brecon Beacons or anywhere in between, his camera always charged and ready.
It's not all Wales though. Michael has been taking pictures in places as far apart as Norway and Australia. A stunning landscape is always there, all one has to do is to see it...
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