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Few creatures emphasize power and grace in a more compelling way than the rhino. Unfortunately, if we don’t take climate change seriously, they may disappear in our lifetime. This provocative fine art piece reminds us that we still have so much to do, if we are going to save the world. (Jan Keteleer) Artist: Jan […]

Punta Gorda Lighthouse on Northern California’s Lost Coast

Buy this picture The Punta Gorda Lighthouse on Northern California’s Lost Coast overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Located near the town of Petrolia, California, the lighthouse was built in 1912 and decomissioned in 1951 when it was deemed that it was no longer needed. Rick Pisio Website – Blog – Galleries – Portfolio […]

Babies of Spring

Wildlife baby photographic images by Barbara Magnuson and Larry Kimball

Bighorns in the Canyon

Blog article about photographing the bighorn sheep rut and mating season in Bighorn Sheep Canyon along the Arkansas River in Colorado

Portrait of a Wolf looking through leaves

Portrait of a Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) hidden behind a bush.

Yellow Azalea

Wild yellow azalea in bloom

Wildcat with kitten in a forest

Photography of a Wildcat mother hiding with one of her kitten behind sunlit shrubes in a forest.