To clarify what I intend to do.

I have received inquiries about my plan

  • What the benefit will be for you and for me.
  • There are questions about the free work I offer and the value of a link from this website to yours.
  • In addition, questions arise about the benefit of forming a group with other competing photographers.

I fully understand these questions and hope to give some answers here in a Q&A.

Q) What will be the benefit?

Your own credibility will be improved. As this site boasts a selection of the best photographers, it gets more credibility, which means that your work will too. This website is to create a distance between good enough and professional photographers.

Q) What are you doing to promote professional photography?

This website and every article about a photographer will be published several times on social pages such as Facebook, Myspace, and Tumblr and in press articles. They will go around the world and will address niche markets.

Q) Can we help?

Yes, you are more than welcome to:

  • Submit articles about your work.
  • Write articles about your niche market (this will also be published on my blog, with a link to your site).
  • Submit articles about techniques you use (also published on my blog with a link to your site).
  • Let me know if you find a colleague photographer who is worthwhile.
  • Propose social pages that you think are good to post.
  • Propose SEO techniques and any ideas which can improve the site.

Together we are much stronger.

Q) How and who do you select?

I select photographers whom all have a Photo Shelter site. Photo Shelter claims to have 60,000 customers all of whom are photographers (professional, amateur and other accounts).

A selected photographer stands out from the crowd due to his/her craftsmanship and originality. I am assuming that 1% of the 60,000 are worthwhile. With this in mind, I aim for the best photographers who can be divided into different niches. These niches are wedding, action, stock, food, journalists, fine art, stock, sport, and so on.

 Q) Are competing photographers selected?

There will be competing photographers selected, but who cares, the internet is free. There is one thing I do not allow, and that is unoriginal pictures. That is why I select pictures which are original and stand out from the crowd. When you have a problem with the fact that a competitor is also selected, please bear in mind that if you are not promoting yourself on every occasion, your competitor will be, and in the end he/she will win.

 Q) Do you ask for money to publish an article about me?

No, this is not necessary. The work involved in publishing an article is minimal. You write it yourself , I only publish it.

My goal is to promote photography and the free work I do. I see it as an investment in the long term. I also have a website where I sell pictures, so if professional photography is promoted, I will benefit as well.

Q) What do you do with an article about a photographer?

First, I will schedule it to be published on this site. When it is published, it will be automatically published on several social pages. For this I use Network Publisher from Links Alpha. There is no work at all involved with this. I will expand the list of social pages and republish your article regularly to reach the biggest audience possible.

I also constantly search Facebook, Myspace and other websites to find groups of people who are in your niche market, in order to publish the articles there too. So when your article is published, it is not only viewable on this site, but it goes around the world. Because I can automate this, I can do it for free. (note: when I use the word automate it always follows the rules of Google, so never ever I will spam an article)

Note: You are more than welcome to give me ideas of social pages that you think are interesting.

Q) What does it cost you to set this up?

A website like this actually cost me $ 80 for one year and some work to set it up. Linking to social pages also costs me $120, which gives a total investment of $200. This is the best way to approach it and if all else fails, I have a survivable loss. Rest assured, I can survive it.

For everyone this will be different. It is best to consult for example  SEOmoz and / or Hubspot .  These are free tools and give you an immediate understanding of how your site ranks in marketing (This is something that Photo Shelter also recommends to do in addition to their own website grader which only covers the essential basics).

I recommend to use first Hubspot (free version examines 3 pages and gives an indication).

When you get a website grade of less than 80, your SEO is not good. If you have a grade of above 90, then you know what you are talking about.

You can see how many root domains (not to be confused with inbound links) are linking to your site, the more the better. I see many of you have only 5 or 6, so one more link is an improvement of 15 to 20%. This one link does not immediately result in a lot more visitors, but every little helps. If you know someone who knows something about SEO and proposes this, he/she will mention: that this is an offer you simply cannot refuse (Quote from the Godfather).

With Hubspot grader, you can also see how well your competition is doing. Do it with a competition website that has a top page rank. Probably, the number 1 on the page has too many links that you cannot have in a short period, but see also how many links the number 10 has and make your own conclusion.

The other part of my idea is to explain and make group contracts with serious SEO companies offering them to you at an affordable price

(note for the ones who are interested: this site  has a Hubspot grade of 92)

Q) Can you give an example of an SEO plan?

Example: SeoMoz

SEOmoz is a very solid and important SEO company, which works for names like Facebook, Disneyland, and so on . They research websites and advise on how they can improve. Hubspot reports are based on this.

They have a free version which allows only a very small tip to see. To make good use of it, you should really have the PRO version. A subscription to the PRO version starts at $99 per month, which is roughly $1,200 per year and that is only for advice. I think as an individual photographer you are unsure whether you need it.

Simple answer: Yes and No

Yes, you need it because you need to know what is wrong and how you can improve.

No, you do not need a monthly report because if you do something on your website, then it takes three months each time before you have any effect. The reasons for why this takes so long are only known by Google, but nevertheless it is a fact.

So you need it but only three times a year (the first month you get a report and do some changes + 3 months to let Google do their work gives 4 months waiting for returns. 1 year divided by 4 gives three reports).

The first month is free so you can try to cheat SEOmoz by creating a different account every 4 months, but rest assured that these guys have more experience than you.

So what I do: I make a contract with SEOmoz depending on how many websites want a report. You can see yourselves that there are different plans ranging from 99$/month to 4.000$/month. Each plan handles a different amount of sites. The price of the plan can be divided into those who want a report.

Q) What is your profit and how much does it costs us?

Let us say that this website contains 600 photographers and 20% (120 websites) want a report of SEOmoz. Then I buy an agency plan. It costs $ 2,000 for one month and can run over 120 reports of the highest quality they offer.

For my work, I submit 120 websites, (one spreadsheet), and distribute the reports to the respective photographer after receiving. I ask for a fee of 20% (2000$ x 20% = 400$).

So $ 400, not bad for half a day of work to cover costs of this site and to invest this back into the promotion of my passion, photography.

Each individual project costs $ 2,000 + $ 400 = $ 2.400 / 120 websites = $ 20 / report.

I recommend three reports each year so that gives $ 20 x 3 = $ 60 per annum.

For you, SEOmozPRO costs only $ 60 yearly with reports that you can actually use this instead of $1200.

Remember, you do not have to buy an SEO package, you can also use the free version.

My only goal is to promote professional photography and explain SEO as well as to give affordable opportunities.

Q) What SEO techniques will be explained and offered as a package?

The following SEO techniques are explained in the tutorials on this website and most are included  in the advanced plan which only costs $30 / month.

  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Search engine submission
  • Google indexing
  • Niche blog review service
  • Press release distribution
  • Niche one-way links
  • Content writing

For every technique there will be an explanation of how to do it yourself.

Usually, it is not difficult but it is time consuming. The result is that you know what SEO is and decide which packages you are taking if your budget allows it.

Q) Will there be a money back guarantee?

When you are an advanced plan subscriber and notice that there is no significant increase in visitors to your website after four months (the time the system needs to prove itself), you can simply cancel your payments and send me a print-screen of your analytics which will report the first, third and fourth month. These print-screens are required as proof and feedback to the SEO companies I work with.

In cases where there is truly no increase in visitors, all of your payments, $120 (4 months x $30), for those months will be refunded.

I hope this is clear.

 Q) Can we take our own SEO company?

Of course. To help you find an SEO company, legally I  cannot publish a list of  SEO companies which you can work with , but you can always ask this by email.


I am frustrated that the professional photographer must compete with amateurs. So I will spend energy to promote my passion through a website which costs me only $200 and is also a bit of fun.

I will explain in cooperation with serious, professional, SEO companies how to apply good valid SEO which you can do yourself if you have the time.

I will show you opportunities to give some or all the SEO stuff into the hands of professionals, and because I group everything, it will be at a fraction of the normal price, but with the same quality.

And finally, I love photography, and I am willing to do some work to promote it freely. However, when you set me at work to improve your business, you know that a fee to cover the costs is included in the packages you can buy to improve your business.

I hope I have clarified some of these questions.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions .