Good morning

Good morning, welcome and please have a look.

"When you need some advice, I'm here to help."

This is a standard greeting of a helpful shop owner who might sell anything from laundry machines to carpets.

Are you following this simple step?

If not, is it because you are an artist and your pictures speak for themselves?

If you answered yes to that question then you need to get real. You are a professional photographer/artist who wants to make a living. I have studied at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, on the same floor as the famous fashion designers. So I am officially an artist, and I pay my rent by selling pictures. Not by making them, as that costs money, but by selling them.

And with the money I earn I can invest and make new ones. Every customer of mine has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, just like he would get if he bought a vacuum cleaner. I provide them with the best quality I can manage. I use all of my experience to give them advice. I am, quite simply, a professional.

Building this website is very time consuming as I have to visit all of the prospective websites, looking at the pictures and considering the originality, quality and so on. By visiting the websites, I have noticed something strange.

I think more than 90% of them are not properly prepared to sell something.

By selling, I mean, explaining what, how, where and what price. Most of the websites I visit you have to search the “contact” button. Descriptions are missing, and the price is hidden. You have to press “add to cart” before you can see the price. For most people “add to cart” means buying. I think most people are scared to press that button. It is easy to fix things so that the “add to cart” button shows different text. Personally I changed it to: “See prices and available products” and I put a starting price into the description of the picture.

Just because you can find your way around your own website does not mean that a potential client can find the info he or she is looking for.

Think about this.


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