Roho Ya Chui

Soul of leopard ...

For some reason I choose as my company name the Swahili words "Roho Ya Chui", which means soul of leopard. The moment I did that, I thought I do it because I love leopards, but meanwhile I know there is more to it.
It seems that professional photographers are some kind of leopard like creatures. They usually work on their own, they need to be perseverant and strong to succeed, they need to be patient and alert, they got to fight off the hyenas who want to steel their kill and they got to have a good eye.

All these qualities reflect in the work of a professional photographer and give it a significant dimension, a certain depth, at least this is what I see and what I love in photography. My passion is genuine, authentic photography and that is what my clients can expect when they choose to work with me.

My strength is natural light, nature, animals, people and architecture. I am represented by my own website, photoshelter, artflakes, mutual arts, facebook and have a permanent in-house exhibition in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. There are several press articles available on the Roho Ya Chui website met regards to my photography tuition sessions.

For any questions and enquiries please contact me by
phone: +27-76-5085850
skype: utesonnenberg

I look forward to hearing form you.

Warmest regards,

Ute Sonnenberg