Bob Barbour Eyes for Light

Bob Barbour

bob-portrait-video We are a visual species. We think and dream in pictures, and in our attempt to clarify our perception of the world, photography provides us with the means to undertake a very specific exploration of this world, sometimes with universal implications. Rather than trying to create images to prove a point or illustrate a concept, I am interested in the function of photography to act as a witness to the world and to personalize that experience to the viewer an image that will then elicit their own involvement into that experience.
As Henri Cartier-Bresson once said, “The aim of photography is not to transmit to the public a view of current events, but a particular emotion, produced by the encounter between the photographer’s inner world and the world surrounding him.” This Magic Moment” and creating a photographic image of that distinct encounter of the inner and outer worlds, that specific slice of time, is my purpose and exemplified in my art.

8360 97th Ave.
Vero Beach,
Florida 32967
United States
Architecture / Interior