Bones of the Forest Reflection

Bare white trees reflected in lake
Photo of the week is courtesy of the Art Wolfe photo workshop I took this weekend in Seattle. This is essentially my "final" that Art critiqued and I got a very satisfying "I love it" from him. This panoramic called "Bones of the forest reflection" was shot at the Seattle Arboretum near the University of Washington my alma mater. The shot was late in the day with the sun low in the sky with my 200mm lens. Art's main theme for the weekend was to see the color, texture, patterns and other key elements in the shot and to force the viewer to spend the time to look through the whole scene and direct the eye where you as the artist want them to look. I've cropped out the extraneous upper and lower portion of the photo to focus on the patterns formed by the trees and the mirror image reflection.

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