Kevin Vandivier

Kaitlin Vandivier modeled for a fashion shoot in Austin, Texas. Model Released

About Kevin

If “ all the world’s a stage for an actor”, then all the world’s a studio for KEVIN VANDIVIER!

Whether he’s chasing Hurricane Gilbert down in Mexico that generated a coveted LIFE cover and full two-page foldout in the magazine... or perched at the edge of a rumbling volcano on Mt. Kilahaua, Hawaii...whether he’s interfacing with presidents and kings, or befriending a lonely homeless child on the streets of Romania, Kevin’s keen eye for capturing life’s unfolding drama with richness of color and soul-piercing human emotion, has distinguished his work among peers and public alike.

For over 30 years, KEVIN VANDIVIER has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and the world, covering assignments for not only LIFE (cover), but also for TIME, NEWSWEEK, USA TODAY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC WORLD & ADVENTURE, TEXAS MONTHLY (also a cover), TEXAS HIGHWAYS and numerous other publications.
Kevin Vandivier’s list of prestigious corporate clients includes EXXON, IBM, DELL, 3M and CITGO OIL. His published works also include books, calendars and posters.
Kevin’s book titles have included “A MOTHER’S TOUCH”, “SUNDAY IN AMERICA’, “THUNDER IN AMERICA: NASCAR’S 50 YEAR ANNIVERSARY”, ”TEXAS”, “SMOKIN HOT a Texas High School Football Photo Essay” and hot off the presses” TEXAS PUBLIC GARDENS”. Adding to his photographic versatility, Vandivier worked as Chief Photographer for an archeological expedition in Israel in 1981. He has also enjoyed teaching weeklong photo workshops from 1989-1994 for the Photography School at the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Vandivier continually seeks out opportunities to give a voice to the voiceless as he has done in chronicling the lives of the Romanian street children through his camera lens. Beyond the goal of just telling a story, he hopes to raise public awareness in America that will generate tangible, life-changing help for many of those in need in the world.
A native Texan born and raised in Houston, KEVIN VANDIVIER’S love of wildlife and the great outdoors catapulted him into the world of photography during his early college studies in Forestry and Wildlife Game Management at Stephen F. Austin State University. There in the piney woods of East Texas, Kevin discovered he had greater passion and talent for photographing the enchanting Texas landscapes and wildlife than for collecting tree bark samples for his Forestry classes. He ultimately changed his major to Photojournalism, graduating from The University of Texas at Austin in 1983. Vandivier was immediately hired by The Dallas Times-Herald, where he spent a couple of years honing his shooting skills as a newspaper staff photographer, garnering many regional awards. In 1984, restless for challenges, Kevin moved back to Austin and launched his freelance career, which has proven to be a perfect fit for his adventurous nature. In 2007, Kevin took a break from his freelance career to serve as Photography Editor for TEXAS HIGHWAYS MAGAZINE. Though his time proved short it was a very rich experience. As Photography Editor Kevin won multiple awards including an Honorable Mention for “MAGAZINE PICTURE EDITOR OF THE YEAR” in the coveted 2009 BEST OF PHOTOJOURNALISM competition. Kevin recently won 2nd Place, Conceptual Photographic Illustration in the 2011 Best Of Photojournalism Competition. Kevin was lured away from THM by his life long desire to open a world-class photography workshop/expedition business. In January of 2009 Kevin started TEXAS PHOTO WORKSHOPS and has also enjoyed teaching excellence in photography to a very good number of photographers.

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