Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch

Shawn_150sq Shawn Lynch is a New York City based portrait, lifestyle and architectural photographer. Shawn finds the architecture of New York endlessly fascinating. He photographs both interiors and exteriors and tries to capture a space showing form, dimension, texture, color, size, and detail. He feels the places we chose to make our homes and the way we decorate them show a lot about who we are as a person.

As for his portraiture and lifestyle photography, New York provides no shortage of interesting characters to photograph. Each and every one of us has a story to tell and Shawn feels it is his job to capture that story within the frame of a photograph.

Getting his start in photojournalism and learning how to deal with ever changing scenarios is where Shawn first learned to hone his craft. What set him apart and onto his current career path were the attention to detail and well crafted lighting that have become signatures of Shawn Lynch's photography.
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Architecture / Interior