Bell of the Borders Productions


Photography started as a way to document what I saw on a site. In attempting to document a natural area or a construction site, the photo has to include as much truth about the site as possible. In searching for the images that would convey the truth about a site in a small number of photos, I realized that amazing moments were happening in front of me. Moments of drama and beauty happen on a regular basis, which are never documented. The way I approach photography has changed. I still seek to photograph the truth of a site. However, I also look for those moments of drama or beauty to try to document them. Sometimes the moment is beauty-the golden afternoon light touching a small flower. Sometimes the moment is drama-a wasp killing a cicada or a work crew emerging from the early morning fog with huge pipeline equipment. When I succeed in capturing such a moment, there is a feeling of accomplishment in the knowledge that I will be able to share what I was lucky enough to see.