Introducing Photographers’Selection Virtual Agency

Dear member,

The website Photographers' was launched on September 15 2011 from scratch with no visitors at all and with only a few members. It was started as an idea to promote a selected group of professionals on a blog oriented website on which they can all submit their profiles and articles about their images, galleries, collections and projects. This all free of any charges and is only driven by my love for photography.

Because this is not enough I discussed the issue with marketing companies which I knew did a great job for my biggest clients in order to develop a service that, while too expensive for an individual photographer, if bought as a group where everybody pays only a fraction of the price it is affordable.

So this was the start, and in the first month, there were approximately 500 visitors, mainly photographers.

However, as recently shown in an article about a test website, Photographers' Selection has also seen a significant jump of increasing visitors after a few months. In January 2012, there were only 1,367 visitors and in the next month, February, this increased to 12,839 unique visitors. The system of the marketing guy's works.

12,839 visitors and still going up! These are not only photographers looking for a free promotional tool. When I examined Google analytics, there are people searching on our site for PHOTOGRAPHY, IMAGES, PICTURES!

I think the moment is there to do something with this.

The fact is that most of us have a Photoshelter account. One of the benefits Photoshelter offers to their clients is to create a Virtual Agency. This is an agency that consists of galleries of individual photographers. Each individual photographer retains his rights to the pictures and selling is done directly to the client. If you are not familiar with the concept of a Virtual Agency, have a look on your Photoshelter account, click on help and on V.A. (Virtual Agency)

So this will be the next step. Later on I will examine the possibility to also do this with other agencies and print on demand services like Fine Art America, Artflakes, Imagekind, Zenfolio and so on. However, Photoshelter has an out of the box possibility, so I started with them.

Please note, I do not work for Photoshelter and Photographers' Selection is not a part of them.

If you do not have a Photoshelter account, you might want to consider getting one. They have different plans and all have the possibility to connect to a Virtual Agency.

Because every member is free to join, I ask you to send me an email so I can invite you through Photoshelter.

The Virtual agency is not public yet. I will inform you, the members, before publishing.

Please consider joining the Virtual Agency I propose. It is free of any charges and the possibility that someone finds and buys your pictures increases because besides your own visitors you also use the visitors of Photographers'


Email me to join
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