My Goodness

I am impressed!  I checked my analytics and saw the following

On 27-3-2012 15:40, Trudie D. Bell Wrote:

"I have had a website through Photoshelter for several years. I took the time to figure out how to do all the things that Photoshelter recommended to increase web visibility, including signing up for Google Analytics. I love Photoshelter and my website. It has been a useful tool in handling my photos. However, in that time, I have only had one sale. It was a delightfully easy experience that I wanted to repeat. As a result, when Jan Keteleer invited me to join Photographers' Selection, I joined immediately.

I have been watched the statistics on my site through Google Analytics. I was quite pleased to see that in February, it had 54 visits, which was double the number of visits in January. However, I was stunned the last time I checked to see that on March 23 there were 90 visits to my site, on March 25, there were 70 visits and on March 26, there were 64 visits.

Those daily totals are more than my site has been getting most months in the past.

Jan says on his website that the connection process on the web is a gradual one that will yield increasing visitors over time. I look to future with anticipation.

Thank you,


A week after on April 5 Trudie wrote the following:

"Here is a screen shot of last week. It was not a fluke."

Screenshot statistics

(please note: on March 24 there are no visits due to the upgrade, downtime of Photoshelter)

On April 19 Trudie wrote:


On April 27 Trudie wrote

Wow! Again

Screenshot statistics

On May 4

Trudie Bell's website had 27 visits in January, 54 visits in February, and last month (April) 4,215 visits.

Trudie Bell joined  in December 2011 and has a subscription to the advanced plan.
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