Perfect Calm at Trunk Bay, British Virgin Islands

IMG_6333I live on an island where the hills and roads sometime worry even those who are accustomed to them. On one sunny afternoon my husband decided to take me for a little drive down one particularly bad dirt road. It was pitted and dangerously washed out by the rains we had earlier in the week. It was bumpy, treacherous and I was certain would lead to a dead end with no means of easily and safely turning around. My pleas to him to turn around while we still could were met by groans and mutterings of “I just want to see what is at the end”. Doom was all that I could think of as an answer to that question.

After about 15 minutes we got to the end of the road. There was a slight clearing with nothing to see but bush, however I could hear the crash of the sea somewhere in the distance. Not being the adventurous type I reluctantly got out of the car and followed my husband down a bushy overgrown path into the unknown, trying to push aside thoughts of a huge snake emerging from the bush, coiling around me and ending it all.

I have never been so glad that I followed my husband. At the end of the path was the most beautiful, serene, untouched beach I had ever been to on my island (and we have a lot of beaches). There was the perfect blue sky with the perfect blue water and white sand. I was instantly at peace despite being so on edge only minutes before. No footprints in the sand, no beach chairs or umbrellas, no hint that anyone had even been there before us. Just perfection!

When I photographed the beach I wanted the serenity and peace I felt to be reflected in that image, so that’s why I shot it straight on with emphasis on the lines, and colors.

I feel that there is such beauty in simplicity.

AnyaBrewley Schultheiss


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