Stefan Tschirch Photography


I am from Austria originally, but currently I work as freelance photographer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I had the opportunity to start working on a full-time basis. It has been a rough ride in the beginning, and I also saw the digital revolution kick in with full swing, which made it even harder to sell quality into the market because of increased competition from more “amateurish” photographers. Quantity before quality seems to be the motto for many clients.
Anyway, I still believe in producing the best-possible quality images when the conditions allow it, and I am very glad that I can join the Photographers Selection Website. This initiative is very ambitious and hopefully it will be beneficial in promoting professional photographers worldwide.
Architectural photography is my passion, and therefore my selected profile picture deals with an architectural structure. It is what I enjoy doing most, even in the heat and humidity of the Middle Eastern countries. I am not afraid of going through sacrifices and working long hours just to get the right result. It is worth the effort in the end, and I prefer this type of photography to any other. Of course, I am also taking other assignments such as corporate events, trade shows, business portraits, and I enjoy travel photography in my personal time.
The future is still open, but I only know one thing for sure. Learning and experimenting will always be on top of the list for me. I have entered the industry late, and I need to keep up with the pace. Photography will always be there, and maybe even more important than ever. We are confronted with images day by day, and to stick out of the crowd will be the challenge.