ApK Photography


Behind the Lens

150xrainydayI specialize in fine art and documentary photography, providing unique high-quality imagery of evocative landscapes and natural subjects, as well as intimate and honest portraits. I strive to bring sometimes familiar subjects into new light, offering viewers a fresh perspective on the world we share. My documentary work and portraiture is a labor of love, with special attention toward the contextual details that bring depth and a sense of story to even the simplest images.

My photographs are created with the hope that I can convey to others the atmosphere and alchemy of the moment as it happened. My love of juxtaposition and wry humor may also become apparent, and I often make it a point to study in abstraction and detail. I enjoy all visual arts, having spent most of my life immersed in art, dance and music, and pursued an education in film-making and modern story-telling techniques. I bring to my work an understanding of light and gesture that allows for the natural beauty of any subject to emerge in the final image.

With nearly two decades of photographic experience, my clients include local businesses, artists and musicians, and families seeking affordable, quality portraiture services. I have produced a series of very successful pin-up calendars for a client's fund-raising efforts, highlighting the natural beauty of women of all ages and providing tasteful, elegant portraiture. Studio services extend to creative product images and documentation of 3-dimensional work by local artists. My fine art prints of automotive, landscape and natural subjects have been popular with individual collectors and in corporate offices. Custom arrangements and specialty prints are crafted with careful attention to client requirements, and every print delivered is of the highest quality.

Each year I try to identify a possible project or two that will allow me to provide much-needed photographic services to an organization that might not otherwise be able to afford my services. I am always available to consider requests for donated time and work, however priority-consideration is given to projects that directly benefit my local community.

I am active on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as Flickr and Google+. I find endless inspiration in the community of other professional photographers online, and I welcome the opportunity to connect directly with clients and fans. I also write frequently at my photography blog, providing behind-the-scenes perspectives and personal insight into my photography and philosophy.

My work is currently available in two categories: Fine Art Prints and Rights-Managed stock photography.

Downloads are available to portraiture or commercial clients, and are standard delivery for all Rights-Managed licensing clients. I have extensive Rights and Clearances experience and will often work with clients to develop custom licensing and pricing to suit their specific project needs.

Fine Art Prints are available directly, ordered through my website or arranged by other means, as in the case of custom orders. Smaller prints and special series prints are sometimes available through my Etsy shop.

Photography is not an easy business, but it is work that I love, as I find joy in both the process and the final product. I bring extensive experience and creativity to every project, drawing from years of shooting film and digital while carrying a camera with me everywhere I go. My professional background in video production makes me particularly effective in the planning and execution of larger projects, and I often enjoy the opportunity for creative collaboration. Whether you are an individual client seeking a small print for your collection, or a larger company with extensive photographic needs, you will receive attentive and timely professional service, and unique, evocative imagery.

Allison Kendall