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brighton-dog-photography-rhianMy name is Rhian White and I specialise in outdoor dog photography. I am based on the south coast of England in a lovely city called Brighton. My target audience is private clients who want photos of their dogs and also organisations such as magazines and newspapers who want stock dog photography.

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People are often surprised when I say I just take photos of dogs. 'What, no cats?'. No, I don't photograph cats, or horses, or birds: just dogs. I decided to specialise because I wanted to become really good at one aspect of photography. Previously I was what you might call a general photographer, photographing weddings, people, architecture etc. I felt like I had no photographic identity and in the eye of the consumer I think my style was lost. By specialising in outdoor dog photography I am working doing what I love the most and that's really important to my long term career in the business.

I mostly do paid work, but if dog charities ask me to take photos, for example at rehoming centres, then I am happy to help. It's important to me to be able to do social work and in the future I would like to help more in that respect.

I use social media a lot: my Facebook page is the best place for me to engage with my customers and I had lots of bookings from fans. It's really important to me to be able to communicate with people who are interested in my work, and Facebook really is the best place to do that.

On my stock site at Photoshelter I sell everything from prints, to gifts such as jigsaws and mugs, to royalty free downloads. My print prices start from £3.95 and my download prices start from £7.50.

I'd say the direct benefit to work with me if you want images of dogs in their natural environment is my experience combined with my professionalism. My priority in taking these photos is always to put the dog's needs first, art comes second. That way, you can always get the feeling that the dog is happy from the image, which is what I am aiming to achieve in every photo.

My featured image is of my dog, Boo. She is my inspiration and the reason why I started this business in the first place. She is a great character, but she does not like clothing. She had to wear this coat because it was a particularly cold day on the beach during the last winter. I love the look on her face combined with the dramatic sky. I think the image stands out which is why I chose it. The image can be found in my highlights gallery, as well as my Pugs gallery (in the Toy Dog collection).
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