Gabriele Rampinini, Photographer in Tokyo


IMG_6193My name is Gabriele Rampinini, I'm Italian and I live in Tokyo, Japan.
I particularly enjoy taking pictures of mannequins, shadows, graffiti, buildings and trees.
Recently I started using film (mainly black&white, 35mm and medium format) and I learnt how to develop it myself (not very difficult but very satisfying).
I believe that working with an analog camera in the long run will help me being more selective with the subjects and the perspectives I choose for my pictures.
Of course I realize that for sport and fast action in general, digital is the way to go, but for things that don't move analog cameras slow you down just enough to let you think more about the composition before taking a picture. This usually results in stronger images, I feel.
Anyway I use them both and I find it very refreshing to switch form one to the other... At the moment I'm enjoying the Hipstamatic on the iPhone... it's a lot of fun!

Above all, what I look for is originality and a sense of quiet beauty. Through the subjects of my images I strive to give the viewer something of my character. I try to give them MY perspective even on subjects they may be familiar with.

Through my Photoshelter website you can buy prints as well as a wide variety of products and accessories, ranging from T-shirts to magnets.
I also offer the flexibility to order a product of your choice with one of your pictures on it.
Whatever you choose I do my best to make sure you'll be 100% satisfied.
For any further information do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you !

You can contact me at the following addresses:

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