Larry Flynn

Technically and artistically superior images.

Hi my name is Larry Flynn and I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself to you and share my vision of photography. In the past decade as photography has transitioned from film to digital an explosion in the quantity of images has occurred while quality has not necessarily followed a similar trajectory.

My ambition in photography is to translate my inspiration into technically and artistically superior images. The advent of digital photography has driven many photographers to simply depend on the myriad of post processing software available to generate a quality image.

My goal is first and foremost to generate from the camera the absolute best image possible before proceeding to apply additional post processing techniques for further enhancement. Whether I am photographing Travel and lifestyle images for Stock or photographing for a client the goal is to apply the best technical and artistic guidelines to “capture the moment and create a memory.”

I have constructed my business around dual channels of stock and client oriented photography. In the arena of stock photography my passion lies with travel and lifestyle imaging. Capturing thoughtful images regardless of the environment requires a self- imposed discipline to find the extraordinary embedded within the ordinary. As a photographer my challenge is to view the commonplace subjects that we encounter in our daily lives from a juxtaposition that will produce an unusual perspective in the final image.

My collection of images and galleries are available for viewing and rights managed purchase on Photoshelter at I also post a variety of photos from my various photo assignments on my blog at

I am delighted that you have given me this opportunity to share with you my vision of photography and my business. I hope that we can collaborate on memorable photographic moments in the future. I am available for assignments and can be contacted at or via phone at 407-616-0064.

Once again I thank you for your time and consideration.

Larry Flynn

Phone 407-616-0064.