Spring is in the Air

Wildflowers on Lake Buchanen

Shooting wildflowers

Kevinv-BW-smallEvery year I look forward to watching others get drunk. It is so funny to watch these drunks try to fly. Also the smell they give off is enough send all that are close to them into another world. Many of you must think I’m talking about good ole Billy Bob. Nope, I’m talking about Billy Bee and all the other insects and hummingbirds who fill themselves with the fruits of wildflowers.

I love shooting wildflowers every spring. It amazes me each year how beautiful God fills so many fields with wildflowers. Even last year, the worst year I can remember in 40 years of shooting wildflowers, there were a few really beautiful fields. Some with flowers I had never seen before.

Now that I’m teaching photo workshops, I love teaching wildflower workshops the most. Mainly because I also teach lighting techniques rarely and never seen before by most students. Each year my goal is to come away with at least just one jaw dropping, heart moving image. A photo that is unique and different.

In fact, because of the digital age in photography and our biological relationship to the photo, “Joe Public” has become harder to impress. Incredible and unique lighting along with great angles and compositions is required to have your photos stand above the rest. Fortunately, most people are lazy and will never bend their legs and will be satisfied with what the auto settings will give them. So shooting on manual and just bending your legs will separate you from the vast majority of the pack.

Add getting up at the crack of dawn for the best light of the day and again you have out paced even more of the photographic pack. Go the extra mile and shoot stitched panoramas, light paint, strobe, etc. and again you have separated yourself as a photographer even more.

For those of you who may be interested in learning techniques that will take your skills to the next level, then check out my wildflower workshops for this weekend and next weekend at Canyon of the Eagles Resort (http://www.texasphotoworkshops.com/node/216). Hope to see your there.

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