Change your perspective and lighting and it can change your image drastically

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The challenge that resulted in this image was "Geometry". I love geometry in photography so I was excited to go out and find something. It was an overcast day when I came across an old television set with the most fantastic patterns on the bottom. I took a few shots, quite pleased with my results. On processing the image (image 2) I felt as though the image was lacking something and so I decided to take another go at the same subject but on a sunnier day.
The next day the sun was out a bit brighter so I dragged the television out from the shadow of the building and into the direct light. I changed my angle of approach and shot away. These changes resulted in what you see in image 1. There was a completely different feel. The shadows added interest to the image and in fact I think enhanced the geometric element of the image.
With that said, I encourage everyone to go out and experiment with your subjects. Change the lighting, change the angle, and you might be surprised with the difference in image you will get.
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Anya Brewley Schultheiss
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